[Chestnut and Radish Ribs Soup]_ carrot soup _ how to make

[Chestnut and Radish Ribs Soup]_ carrot soup _ how to make

[Chestnut and Radish Ribs Soup]_ carrot soup _ how to make

Many people always find it difficult to make pork rib soup, because it takes a long time to stew, it is very greasy after stewing, and there is absolutely no flavor filling. These problems occur because they have not selected the right method for making pork rib soup.This is why the ribs soup encounters these problems. In fact, the better way to make ribs soup is to add chestnuts and radishes, which are more common now, so that they can be absorbed without being greasy and become more delicious.

Ingredients chestnuts 250 radish a small tube of bone 300 supplementary materials salt chestnut radish ribs soup practice step 1.

Choosing good ingredients, this radish is too cute, here is an approximate 2.

Cook the bones with ginger slices and cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

The radish is poured in the most intense place, followed by chestnuts, and finally the bones of the tube are filled with water without ingredients. (If the conditions are good in the home, you can use buckets of pure water), then the smart rice cooker stews in the pressure cooker.Radish ribs soup ingredients a pound of ribs, a radish, a piece of ginger, salt, chicken essence.

The ribs are washed and drained, and the water is poured into a boiling water pot. This water should be discarded. Put another pot of cold water into the ginger slices, ribs, and drip into the vinegar cover to boil the pressure valve for about 20 minutes. At this time, you shouldCan smell the fragrance.


Wash and cut the radish and put it in the stewed pork rib soup and boil over high heat.


Cover and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes until the radishes are cooked. Add some salt and chicken essence to the pan.

Brazilian mushroom, radish and pork rib soup ingredients White radish 2 Brazilian mushrooms 8-10 pork chops 1 (market) ginger slices 8-10 slices rice wine up to taste sautéed moderate amount of pigs into the bottom of the pot, white radish cut into piecesOn the top of the small row, add 8-10 slices of ginger, add the rice wine above, and add two cups of water in the outer pot with the amount of water that has overflowed the ingredients.Open another pot on the stove, let it cool and add the Brazilian mushrooms and cook (the uncle who sells the mushrooms wants to cook the mushrooms in cold water!

) After the Brazilian mushrooms are boiled and boiled, they should be picked up and used by the side. The Brazilian mushrooms will not taste crispy after being cooked for a long time. After the Brazilian mushrooms are picked up, pour the fresh radish rib soup into the gas stove and cook.After seasoning the radish and pork rib soup, add the Brazilian mushroom just added, and then you can turn off the fire!