Chiropractic treatment of children with spleen and stomach

Chiropractic treatment of children with spleen and stomach

Chiropractic treatment of children with spleen and stomach

Chiropractic therapy is a kind of massage therapy. It is mainly used in pediatrics. It is often used to treat spleen and stomach diseases such as hoarding in children. It is also called “pinch.”

Chiropractic is a different method according to the condition, which stimulates certain meridians and acupoints of the body to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

The law is very consistent with the characteristics of children, will not bring any pain to the child, can prevent disease and cure the disease, and thus has been welcomed by the masses.

  The part of the chiropractic ridge is mainly on the spine and the sides. The spine is in the middle of the adjacent, which is the Du Meridian in the meridian. The separation of the spine is the route of the foot and the bladder. The meridian points are Fengfu, the large vertebrae., waist Yu, to Yang, life door, waist Yang Guan, eight, back Yu points and so on.

By stimulating these acupuncture points by chiropractic, it is possible to balance the yin and yang and adjust the treatment of the organs by living through the vitality.

  Commonly used techniques for pinching spine therapy are commonly used for pinching, holding, pushing, smashing, lifting, placing, pressing, and squatting. Clinically, these eight methods are used in combination to complete the entire chiropractic operation.


Pinch method: use the thumb of both hands, the two fingers to refine the skin, the amount of skin to be appropriate should be appropriate, too much refining is difficult to advance, and the pinching is too easy to slip off.


Take the law: It is the further action of the pinch method. The thumb is pressed hard, the index finger is pressed hard, and the method of pinching is the mutual cooperation and complement each other.


Push method: Focus on the index finger and push the refined skin forward.

The specific method is to put the two or three sections of the index finger close to the skin, coordinate with the thumb, push forward evenly, push forward while pushing, and advance the speed. If it is too fast, it will slip easily. If it is too slow, it will not be easy to advance.


Twisting method: the knee, the index finger is relatively hard, the forefinger is forced to the front, and the thumb is pressed backwards and backwards, so that the skin is twisted and moved from the inside to the front, especially like a twisted line, so that the chiropractic moves forward.


To mention the effect of using the thumb and forefinger to pinch the skin for extra pulling.

During the specific operation, pull it once every 3 to 5 times, and it is often in the “Yu point” part when pulling.


Putting the law: In the pinch, take, lift, and squat movements, there are loose movements.

Put one pinch and put it in one, so that the chiropractic tactics advance in a wave shape.


According to the law: Align the acupuncture points with the thumb rib face and block it properly.


The method of sputum: After the peak of the thumb is pressed against the point of the sputum, the thumb is turned to the sputum on the skin of the sputum.

“揉”, “press” for 8 to 10 seconds, then start.

  Method of operation The baby is lying on the front side of the mother’s thigh, slightly above the tail. The mother holds the baby’s right arm with her left hand and the back with her right hand, so that the baby’s lower limbs are naturally drooping, and the hips, waist and tail are fully exposed.

When the weather is cold, pay attention to indoor warmth.

  The doctor implants or sits on the patient or the right side, pushes down with both hands, rubs, and the skin is warm and the muscles are relaxed.

Then, the hand was half-grip, and the middle of the index finger of both hands was pressed against the ridge.

Use both hands to thumb, the index finger from the patient’s tail (long strong points, located at the end of the tailbone), gently pinch the skin, alternating the two hands, with the pinch, follow the body, always pinch to the vertebrae (located in the 7thThe cervical spine is below the spine).

Starting from the lumbosacral region, each of the vertebral bodies is lifted once with the wrist force of both hands.

  Common treatments 1.

Anorexia, stagnation symptoms: anorexia is characterized by long-term loss of appetite and aversion to eating; stagnation is characterized by not thinking about breast food, bloating, rot, and stool smell.

  Operation: Starting from “Changqiang”, the thumb and forefinger lift the skin, push the food to the front, push the thumb down, push the squat, push it, put it alternately, insert the middle of the spine and push forward slowly.Until the “Dazhui”.

Starting from the “big vertebrae”, it still pushes down the midline of the spine. For each pinch of 3 to 5 hands, the two hands are simultaneously pinched and pulled once, with moderate force, then re-express the spleen, stomach, and large intestines., pinch to “long strong” for 2 consecutive times.


Product (nutrition) symptoms: body weight loss, face yellow hair dry, abdominal depression such as a boat or belly swelling, mental wilting or irritability, loss of appetite or more food, stool when dry.
  Operation: Regular chiropractic 3-5 times, re-express spleen, stomach Yu, big vertebrae.
Also add abdomen, press the foot three miles.

Symptoms of liver sputum (combined with night blindness, corneal softening), pinch to Fengfu point, re-extract spleen, liver Yu, wind sputum; lung sputum (combined repeated respiratory infections, cough), re-raising lung Yu, spleen, Dazhui.


Vomiting and vomiting are associated with abdominal pain, and even vomiting yellow bile.

Injuries and spit, the spit is mostly sour, the belly is full, and the stool is skunk.

Hot spit, vomiting when eating, thirst, drinking, red tongue and yellow coating.

Cold spit, eat a long time to spit, not sour and not stinky, pale tongue white fur.

  Operation: Regular chiropractic 3 times, from “long strong” pinch to “Dazhui”.

Injury to eat spit, re-express spleen, stomach Yu; hot spit, refers to a little heavy, heavy mention of 揉心俞, spleen, large vertebral body; cold spit, re-express spleen, stomach Yu, vertebral bodyAnd press 揉 for 2-3 minutes.


Diarrhea and diarrhea are often accompanied by abdominal pain or vomiting.

Dampness and diarrhea, diarrhea, squalor, dark and stinky, obvious abdominal pain, may have fever, yellow tongue and yellow greasy fur.

Injuries, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, pain, diarrhea, pain after diarrhea, stool smell sour, thick and greasy tongue.

Spleen diarrhea, loose stools, diarrhea after eating, light color is not stinky, when light and heavy, God tired and tired, pale tongue white fur.

  Operation: Wet and hot diarrhea, starting from the “big vertebral body” into a “long strong” stop, back and forth 3 times, re-expressing large intestine Yu, stomach Yu, big vertebrae, spleen, Shenshu.

Then, press the above five acupuncture points for about 2-3 minutes; the person who suffers from diarrhea and diarrhea starts to pinch to the “big vertebrae” from the “long strong”, repeats 3 times, and re-raises the spleen, stomach, and large intestine.Yu; spleen diarrhea, from the “long strong” began to push up to the life gate, pinched to the “big vertebral body” stop, round trip 3 times, re-raising 揉 揉 俞, stomach Yu, large intestine Yu, refers to the turtle tail, lifeDoor, Shenshu about 1-2 minutes.


Constipation constipation can be associated with abdominal pain.

Really hot constipation, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, irritability, dry mouth and bad breath, red tongue and yellow coating.

The constipation of the virtual constipation, the face of Shaohua, sweaty shortness of breath, although there is a willingness, the hard to earn, the tongue is thin and thin.

  Operation: The person with real heat constipation, from the “life gate” down to the “long strong”, and then from the “big vertebrae” to the “long strong”, refers to the force should be heavy, re-examine the stomach Yu, large intestine Yu, largeVertebral body, repeated three times; false constipation, from the “long strong” pinch to the “big vertebrae” stop, finger force is soft, press spleen spleen, large intestine Yu, stomach Yu, Changqiang, Mingmen point, repeated 3Times.

Chen Hao is fattening for the filming, and the scene is on the go.

Chen Hao is fattening for the filming, and the scene is on the go.

Chen Hao did not hesitate to add more than 200 pounds of “fat” to the screenplay. Although he has become his own most traditional body, Chen Hao is not worried, but he is even more like Qin Shihuang.

  Chen Hao, Li Shiyun, Zheng Jiaying and He Aoer and so on yesterday took pictures of the wireless drama “Qing Xin Ji” in Lai Chi Kok Park. Chen Hao, who has always given the feeling of a man, played the emperor. He sacrificed the image to gain more than 20 pounds and became more than 200.The fat of the pound, in addition to his body rounded to reveal the tiger’s back bear, even the tail has been upgraded to “luxury hip”, no wonder Chen Hao also refers to the back of self-deprecating “post” blessing.

  The image of the fat man is scary. Chen Hao’s self-destructive image of Feihao is scary: “To create the emperor’s full feeling, I deliberately increased my weight. From the original 180 pounds to the current 200 pounds, I have always been the most fat, everyone seesMy body is scared.

(Is there any fraudulent advertisers?

No, I don’t think I put on my suit, but I have increased it to more than 200 pounds without knowing it. After the filming, I will try my best to reduce it.

(Do you want to shoot slimming ads?

See if I am so lucky, I accept any business.

Warm water to take protein powder to maximize fertilizer effect

Warm water to take protein powder to maximize fertilizer effect

Too many netizens want to know how to increase their fat. Although this problem will be “poor”, too many people who are hungry for weight loss, but also waste too many people who are “bamboo”.

Professor Fan Zhihong from the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University said: The body is too skinny, for women there will be a lack of unique curvaceous beauty, and for men, it is easy to create an impression of unsafe, unstable and so on.

  Why are some people’s skinny as if they are born, no matter how the sea eats the sea, do not see fat?

In doing so, Professor Fan explained that, first of all, the amount of food absorbed does not necessarily mean that the conversion is large. Many people seem to have eaten more things, but they are all trace amounts and replaced, so that they will not make people fat;Some people usually exercise a lot, consume too fast and high (athletes are an example), and the things that are eaten are transformed into displacements, but they will be consumed immediately; again, some people have a large proportion of muscles, so they are more than the same weight.Others have more energy and heat, which is the main reason why young men are not prone to gain weight.

  To increase muscles, the most important method is physical exercise. Swimming coach Cheng Zhanjiang told reporters that although the use of muscle-enhancing powder can gain muscle-building effect in a short time, it is best not to eat it.

Most quick and safe methods are to use warm water to wash protein powder.

  In addition, eat more beef, boil eggs (especially egg white), drink milk can play a role in muscle growth.

When you gain weight in your body, you can first eat yourself fat, more than 5 to 10 pounds of the original weight, and then exercise the amount of penetrating exercise while controlling your diet. Keep it at about 10% of your physical fitness. It will be visible after one month.To the effect.

After the fall, the lungs are eating and drinking at the time

After the fall, the lungs are eating and drinking at the time

Just after the beginning of the autumn, it will become cool sooner or later, but still can cause the power of the “autumn tiger” during the day.

Perhaps because of this, you don’t think that summer has passed, but the maintenance of the body really has to change the way.

  Chinese medicine believes that autumn is the transition period of the human body.

Lung main autumn, lung qi deficiency, the body’s tolerance to adverse stimuli decreased, easy to produce sadness; lungs raise the main, so the lungs should be based on the principle of nutrition, appropriate tonic, in order to live longer.

  There are mainly the following points in autumn health.

  Living: Go to bed early and get up early, pay attention to replenish your clothes and prevent cold and lungs.

  Exercise: To increase outdoor sports.

Autumn is a great season for going out for exercise. Each person can choose different items according to their own situation, such as mountain climbing, Tai Chi, swimming, cycling, etc., which can promote heart and lung function.

  Diet: Be less sour and sour.

Eat more sour, such as apples, oranges, hawthorn, kiwi, etc., can converge on the lungs; eat less onions, ginger and other spicy foods, can avoid divergence.

Tremella, tofu, lily, honey, glutinous rice, previous rice, bean sprouts, etc., also have lung function.

In addition, the main cultivation in autumn, can be appropriate tonic, often eat yam, chicken soup, bone soup, etc., but should not make up too much, hurt the spleen and stomach.

  Drink water: at least 600 ml per day.

The dry autumn causes the skin to evaporate more than 600 ml of water per day, and must be replenished in the fall.

Usually, in the autumn, you need to drink more than 500 ml of water per day to maintain the normal humidity of the lungs and respiratory tract, but pay attention to a small number of times.

  Practice: take a breath and practice breathing.

Before going to sleep every night, sit in a chair, stand upright, separate your knees naturally, put your hands on your thighs, relax your body, inhale in your chest, and raise your hands and palms from the cheekbones from top to bottom.Tap from bottom to top for about 10 minutes.

Gu Yu health should be appropriate to spring tonic

Gu Yu health should be appropriate to spring tonic

Gu Yu health should be suitable for spring cover tonic folk customs, “Spring Rain is as oily” is the season of the rain, but also the last solar term in the spring.

Gu Yu is also the meaning of “rain and rain hundred valleys”, which is when the sun reaches 30° on the golden moon on April 20 or 21 every year.

At this time, the seedlings of Tanaka are inserted, and new crops are needed. The most need for rain, so it is said that this spring will be exhausted. In the summer season, the duckweed in the pond will start to grow, and the spring tea will be harvested before and after this season.

At this moment, giving people a picture of the growth of all things and the prosperity of the day, the so-called “the season of the year lies in the spring.”

15 degrees is the critical point of spring cricket. As the saying goes: “Gu Yuhan died of mice”, it is said that the weather in the rain season is cold and hot, easy to catch cold, need to pay attention to keep warm.

After the rain, the temperature gradually increased and the rainfall began to increase, but also keep warm.

Many people wear clothes like summer. In fact, the season has not yet arrived, and moisture can easily enter the body from the exposed parts.

For the uncertain weather, many parents would rather wear more points for their children than to freeze their children.

In fact, this approach is also wrong.

Spring 捂 should also have a degree, 15 seconds is the critical point of spring ,, more than 15 seconds to reduce clothing, do not smash, and then squat down, it is easy to cause “spring fire”, the heat generated by the child, and the surroundingWhen you meet, you are easy to get sick.

Especially in the morning and evening and the noon temperature difference, should pay attention to keep warm in the morning and evening.

The elderly and children should pay special attention to this point. The dressing level can be adjusted appropriately. It is enough to wear more clothes in the morning and evening.

Experts suggest that during the rainy season, the natural environment suddenly rises, and it is easy to induce the internal heat accumulated in the human body to produce liver fire, which in turn induces the common nasal cavity, gums, respiratory tract, skin and other bleeding in spring, as well as fatal dizziness, eye red eye disease and other diseases. This is calledIn the spring, it is a “spring fire”, and it is necessary to suppress the “spring fire”.

Gu Yu was in the spring of the body, the liver was strong, and the spleen was weak, but in the 15 days of Gu Yu and the last 3 days of Qingming, the spleen was in a strong period.

In accordance with the four-time health principle, in this solar terms, the spleen is strong and the stomach is strong, so that the digestive function is in a state of vigorousness. The digestive function is strong and beneficial to the absorption of nutrients, so this is a good opportunity to replenish the body.Ability to adapt to climate change in the next season.

However, the supplement should be appropriate and should not be passed. The ancients had a statement that “the seasons do not eat the spleen”.

At this time, the tonic can’t be like winter, but should eat some foods that have the effect of nourishing blood and qi.

This will not only improve physical fitness, resist spring rickets, but also lay the foundation for the summer of Andu.

If you eat improperly, it is easy to damage your stomach.

In this sense, this period is also a prone period of stomach disease.

Eliminating the cause is the key to treatment, such as quitting smoking, abstaining from alcohol, not overeating, being hungry, eating less and avoiding food and drugs that are irritating to the stomach.

In this solar terms, the liver and kidney are in a weak state, so care should be taken to strengthen the maintenance of the liver and kidney.

It is good for the body to maintain a happy mood and maintain a happy mood.


Soup drink right, health is fast

Soup drink “right”, health is fast

News Background: Experts from the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute recently discovered and cleaned a Qin Tomb in the Warring States Period in the northern suburbs of Xi’an. It was discovered that there was a half-bone bone soup in a bronze tripod. This is the first time that Chinese archaeology discovered the bone soup more than 2,400 years ago.”.
  ”The ancients may be able to enjoy the delicious taste of the nobles. Our people can drink every day, which can not only add water, warm stomach, but also lose weight.
Gao Jian, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, said that the hospital’s sick rice is soup every day. If the soup is “right”, the body will be better.
  This season is dry outside, the house is dry, and the water in the body is relatively insufficient.
The weather is cold, and I don’t want to eat cold iced fruit. When I drink some soup, I can make up the water without knowing it.
Drinking soup before meals, on the one hand can stimulate the gastrointestinal work, promote digestion, warm stomach to drive cold, on the other hand, there is soup in the stomach, big fish and big meat will eat less, do not have to go hungry, naturally can lose weight.
But beware, children and people who have no appetite can’t drink soup before meals.
  Compared with other seasons, the body needs more calories in winter, and it is supplemented with bone soup. In addition to warming up, it can also nourish the liver and kidney.
Different bone soups have different effects, such as pork bone soup can warm stomach, beef bone soup can nourish liver, sheep bone soup can kidney, chicken soup is called “food cold medicine” abroad, pigeon soup is good for blood, oldDuck soup tonic and heat.
  When you lick these bone soups, you can first remove the oil slick, add melon, lotus root, radish and other vegetables, get greasy and add vitamins, kill two birds with one stone.
When you drink soup, don’t throw away the remaining soup residue, even the soup with slag is eaten, the essence of the soup is absorbed.

Nourishing yin and moistening, quenching thirst and moistening the lungs, double the effect of eating these fruits in winter!

Nourishing yin and moistening, quenching thirst and moistening the lungs, double the effect of eating these fruits in winter!

As the saying goes: From time to time, not eating, that is, we should eat seasonally, according to the season, when to eat something.

However, when you walked to the fruit stand, did you find that many fruits are always in the seasons?

Even the very strong fruit, you can find it.

Especially now that the winter has passed, the weather is cold, the fruit is cold, and the wrong fruit is prone to diarrhea and gastrointestinal diseases, so some fruits need to be taken cautiously in winter.

It is not advisable to eat a small amount of fruit in winter. (1) Banana banana is really a magical existence. It has never been seen before, and many banana peels look bright and yellow, but the flesh is still hard to eat. It is not good at all.It is necessary to pay attention, this may be ripened by sulphur dioxide by unscrupulous traders, and even harmful to the human respiratory system, resulting in brain, liver, spleen, kidney failure, and even harmful to the reproductive system.

(2) Watermelon and watermelon, everyone knows that it is a summer special, but in the fruit stand in winter, it will also be found in it. Some restaurants have it before and after the fruit. You will find this watermelon, the melon stripe is notEvenly, the melon looks very bright, but the melon seeds are white, and there is a smell in the mouth after eating. Needless to say, the anti-season + ripening, not eating as well.

(3) Grapes and grapes will also appear in winter, and many grapes look big and purple, and the particles are full. Why?

In fact, some illegal traders, after using ethylene to replace the columns with water, put the mature green grapes into the replacement liquid and soak them. After two days, the green grapes become purple grapes, and long-term consumption is harmful to the body.

(4) Strawberries will be listed at the end of each winter. When you find a strawberry with a hollow shape and an irregular shape, you should be wary of excessive hormones.

When strawberries are ripened or other hormonal drugs, the growth period is shorter and the color is brighter, but the fruit taste is lighter. This kind of strawberry must be eaten carefully. If the food intake is reduced, it will affect people’s normal growth and development, such asLead to early maturity of children.

So which fruits are suitable for winter?

In winter, depending on your personal physique, you should eat some fruits that can stimulate your thirst and moisturize your lungs. Not only will you replenish your body’s moisture, it will make you feel refreshed and comfortable.

4 kinds of fruits should be eaten in winter (1) Oranges are the fruits that must be eaten in winter. They are rich in vitamin C. They also have the effect of quenching thirst and moistening the lungs and spleen appetizing. In the autumn and winter, the mouth is thirsty, the lungs are hot and coughing, so you may eat some acid.Sweet and delicious oranges.

The rich nutrients in oranges have the effects of lowering blood fat and resisting atherosclerosis, and have a great effect on preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

(2) Apple apple is sweet, has the effect of thirst, spleen and diarrhea, and stomach reflux. Appropriate eating of some apples can bring good protection to the heart and blood vessels of the human body, and after eating apples,It can also provide a good effect on improving the human respiratory system, reducing the chance of catching a cold, and it is very suitable for eating apples in winter.

(3) Pomegranate pomegranate tastes very sweet, can kill insecticide and cough and thirst, and at the same time, some pomegranate can effectively prevent and treat diarrhea, and sweet pomegranate can prevent the symptoms of breathing thirst.Good antibacterial effect, very suitable for winter consumption.

(4) Some people say that olive is the “fruit of paradise”. The flesh of olive is calcium. Fresh food is very beneficial to the human body. Olive is sweet and sour, it can be used to clear away heat and detoxify, eliminate phlegm and nourish the lungs, especiallySuitable for autumn and winter.

Chinese medicine reminds that how much fruit is best to eat, because some fruits have their most suitable storage temperature, shelf life, most fruits are suitable for not washing and put directly into the refrigerator to save, otherwise it is easy to spoil and rot, and should try to be within a weekFinished.

(Copy Sunny-20180520, add the editor-in-chief, consult more health knowledge.

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Old people use massager harmful places

Old people use massager harmful places

The desire to “send love for parents’ longevity and longevity” has made the health massager market hot.

A salesman told reporters that electronic massagers are “good for young and old” and may not be replaced as oral products, so many young people buy for elders.

  Is the massager really safe as the salesman said?

  Experts believe that the situation is not exactly the same.

He told reporters that once the massage device is used improperly, it will aggravate or induce disease. The middle-aged and elderly people must not rely too much on it, and they should not use it as a treatment method.

  Usually, the electronic massager stimulates the human body with high-frequency mechanical vibration.

According to the principle of generating vibration, the electronic massager can be divided into electromagnetic and electric.

Due to the high vibration frequency and weak vibration intensity, the electric massager is more suitable for health massage and middle-aged use. The electromagnetic massager is more convenient for sports massage and younger and younger because of the slower vibration frequency and higher vibration intensity.People use.

  According to experts, it is common for patients who are clinically injured or aggravated by the improper use of various massage equipment.

An old man he had treated had an acute fracture of the lumbar spine due to the use of a massage device, which suppressed the sciatic nerve and caused paralysis of the lower extremity.

He also encountered some patients, the spinal disease was originally only a hidden period, but due to the “crash” and “knocking” stimulation of the hard object on the massager, the soft tissue was implanted, the facet joint was dislocated, and the disease was induced.
  Experts remind the elderly, if some joints or tendons in the body are in the acute episode of “redness, heat and pain”, do not blindly massage, otherwise it will increase, causing periostitis in severe cases.

If you have a lice or a tumor, you should not use an electronic massager.

Because of the stimulation of the body surface, dilated capillaries, local blood flow increases, easily lead to local local spread, may aggravate the condition.

  If there is a fracture and joint dislocation, the electronic massager should not be used in the early stage, because when the fracture or joint is damaged, the bone displacement will be caused by the muscle tension. If the massage is performed too early, the bone displacement will be intensified, instead ofConducive to recovery.

For skin diseases, infectious diseases, lymphadenitis, patients with blood diseases should be more careful use of electronic massagers, high blood pressure, anemia patients, should pay special attention to not massage at the cervical artery to avoid blood flow acceleration, accidents.

  In addition, the electronic massager must be reused after the elderly are fasting, full, drunk and exercised, otherwise the blood part will gradually increase, and the smooth muscles of the stomach will increase, which may cause nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomforts.

The time when the elderly use the massager for the first time should not be too long. It is best to try for 10-15 minutes first, and then gradually increase it to half an hour.

Simple tricks to teach you health control obesity

Simple tricks to teach you health control obesity

As long as you are not a disease obesity, the cause of your body’s excess aunt is nothing more than two factors, one is too much, and the other is too little.
How to avoid obesity from daily life, how to reduce the excess aunt of the body, now teach you a few tricks to get up in the morning to wash, drink a cup of warm water, the amount of water according to its specific circumstances, so as not to feel bloating, no nausea,Does not affect the appetite is good, usually 100-500 ml, if you can insist on drinking a cup of white water before three meals will have a better effect.

  The role of drinking water is: (1) reduce appetite; (2) reduce food intake; (3) reduce gastric juice to reduce digestion and absorption.

  Increasing consumption exercise is a positive measure to avoid obesity. The key is to persist and persevere. The most taboo is to fish in two days and to dry the net for two days.

A quick over-exercise stop stops all exercise, which will accelerate the over-extension, take exercise as a daily must-do, form a habit, stick to it, not only slim, but also healthy.

A healthy body is full of vitality, and the spirit is rejuvenated, giving people a feeling of beauty. If you rely on diet pills, you can go on a diet, even if you are slim, you can’t help but be ill.

  It is recommended (1) to do sit-ups 20-40 per day, or subject to sweating.

  (2) First squat 30-50 to slightly sweaty, (3) skipping rope: 80-100, or jump to sweat.
You can replace one of them once a day, one hour and one hour before the meal, and walk for at least 20 minutes after half an hour after dinner. It is best to do “regression progress” to slightly sweating.

  In fact, there are various ways to exercise, and you can exercise on the exercise machine or go to the gym.

No matter which type of exercise you use, you must insist on doing it every day, and sweating every time you do it.

  Young mothers want to have a slim body, and professional women are more eager.

Losing weight is a tough thing, often it takes a lot of effort and nothing.

Anti-fertilization is very important. When you are not fat, you can start doing things, arrange your life reasonably, pay attention to the structure, and strengthen physical exercise.

Brain diligence, hand diligence, legs and mouth are not diligent (eat), slim body will belong to you.

Stunned health to eat pears

Stunned health to eat pears

The horror is the third solar term in the 24 solar terms.

On March 5 or 6 of each year, the sun is “stunned” when it reaches 345 degrees of the Yellow River.

The horror means that the weather is getting warmer, the spring thunder begins to sound, and the insects that hovering in the underground hibernate are awakened.

Tibetan is the meaning of Tibet.

The horror weather is obviously warmer, the diet should be warm and dull, eat more fresh vegetables and protein-rich foods, such as spring bamboo shoots, spinach, celery, chicken, eggs, milk, etc., to enhance the body’s resistance to attack by the pathogen.

  During the horror season, it is warm and cold, and the climate is relatively dry. It is easy to make the population dry and coughing.

The pear is cold and sweet, has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. The folks have the custom of eating pears.

Pears eat a lot, may be raw food, steamed, juiced, roasted or boiled water, especially rock sugar steamed pear has a very good effect on cough, and is simple and convenient to make, usually does not hinder the replacement of it as a dessert.

  In addition, patients with cough can also eat lotus seeds, wolfberry, mangosteen and other foods to alleviate the pain, diet should be light, greasy food is best not to eat, irritating foods, such as pepper, onion, garlic, should also eat less.

Here are some tips on how to eat pears: 1.

Juice consumption: take raw pears, go nuclear, peel, squeeze 1 cup of about 400 ml, add 10 grams of rock sugar, 1 fat sea, take it after cooking, have lungs and fluids, and the effect of opening the throat;The raw pears and lotus roots are juiced together with honey honey, which has the effects of strengthening the spleen, clearing the heart and moistening the lungs.


After steaming, eat: 1 pear, 3 grams of Fritillaria, 10 grams of rock sugar.

After the pears were denucleated, 3 grams of Fritillaria chinensis were ground into fine powder and 10 grams of rock sugar into pears. They were placed in a steamer for 45 minutes and then taken out for consumption. The lungs were more powerful in relieving cough and phlegm.


Boiled water: After slicing, it is cooked with rock sugar, Fritillaria, and white fungus. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and moistening the lungs and relieving cough.

  Suitable for spring health, such as sputum, lily, white fungus, lotus root, yam, jujube, etc., the drugs are sand ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Polygonatum, Polygonatum, etc., in the case of their own physical fitness,Eating the above-mentioned medicines in the spring is good for health.

  Some areas have been horrified to eat fried beans in some areas of Shandong. On the day of the horror, the peasants have to make pancakes in the courtyard, which means that the smokers have killed the pests.

In Shaanxi, some areas have been horrified to eat fried beans.

People soaked the soybeans in salt water and put them in a pot to make a sizzling sound, which symbolizes the sound of the worms being heated in the pot.

In the Yanbei area of Shanxi, farmers must eat pears on the day of horror, meaning to be separated from pests.

  In the vast areas, the Yao people in Jinxiu County of Guangxi want to eat “frying insects” in the house of the horror day. After the “worms” are cooked, they are placed in the hall. The whole family sits around and eats together, but also eats and shouts: “EatStir-fry, eat fried insects!

“There is still a competition, the faster you eat, the more you chew, and everyone will congratulate him on his efforts to eliminate pests.”

In fact, the “worm” is corn, which is symbolic.