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[Stocking milk tea practice]_Stocking milk tea_How to do_How to do

[Stocking milk tea practice]_Stocking milk tea_How to do_How to do

Many people prefer milk tea, especially when they are casual, when a few friends go shopping, milk tea can become the most casual drink, and stocking milk tea is a favorite drink of many people, so now we come to know itway of doing.

1. Stocking milk tea material: base tea for milk tea; 350 ml; milk 1 ml; fructose method 1.

Add fructose to the Xueke cup, and pour the bottom black tea for milk tea until it is full.


Cover with shells and shake well.


Filter into a finished cup after filtering through a stocking filter bag.


Finally, the production of milk is completed.

Second, Nestle Milk Tea 1.

The tea is boiled, (I have selected Ceylon black tea, which tastes very good.

) After the red indicator button jumps off, turn it on again and repeat several times.


The teapot is raised and the tea leaves are filtered with a filter cloth.

Pour the boiled tea soup into the milk tea cup with the light milk and milk and the right amount of caster sugar, and mix thoroughly with a stir bar.


Finally, you can add sugar to taste or boiled sago according to your taste.

Third, Hong Kong-style red tea 1.
Boil water to a boiling state: (Teapot with short mouth and 120g of mixed tea powder, such as 120g of another brand of tea.

The corresponding amount of water is: 2600ml add water to the second row of three holes from the top to the bottom;
After the water has boiled, put the tea powder in the tea bag, make it once, and then cook it for 2 to 5 minutes (medium heat) for about 3-5 minutes.Time; 3.
Rush three or four times; turn off Xiaohuo to 1st gear (small fire) for about 3-5 minutes until the tea flavor is not strong (according to the actual situation, grasp the length of time) 4.
Finally, hedge again, and squeeze the tea bag to squeeze out the tea soup.

Specific production mix: Hong Kong-style milk tea: black and white evaporated milk, the ratio of tea soup is generally 1: 3 (adjustable according to taste) For example: 50ml milk + tea soup 150ml + (about 10g) sugar (usually 200ml milk tea plus 10gsugar)

[Can the remaining baby milk drink]_ milk powder _ surplus _ impact

[Can the remaining baby milk drink]_ milk powder _ surplus _ impact

Now many parents are very concerned about some precautions in baby’s diet. Some of them may be too full on the day or other factors, which may cause their children to drink very little.It is a pity that it should not be left to the children to drink on the second day at this time, and let the family drink it directly, because the milk powder is stored after brewing, which may cause bacteria to enter or nutrition loss.

1 If you drink it for adults, then you should come to 1, according to the situation, drink a small amount first, no problem and then increase the amount. In fact, adults drink infant milk powder, some people are not acceptable, mainly because of lactose intolerance.

So be sure to drink a small amount at first to see if you can adapt.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable after drinking, you can gradually increase the extra amount.

2. It is not recommended to add lactose intolerance. Infant formula milk does add a lot of nutrients necessary for baby growth and development, but their matching ratio may not be suitable for our adults’ digestive system. It can be said that lactose and protein.
Formula milk is produced by simulating the composition of breast milk, and the ratio of lactose and protein in breast milk is about 4: 1. Therefore, most of the ingredients in baby milk powder are also lactose, which can provide heat for the baby and promote the baby’s intestinesThe reproduction of bacteria is beneficial to the synthesis of vitamin B.

In addition, lactose can be converted into lactic acid, which can promote the absorption of calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals without making your baby obese.

Babies’ digestive system is very good at digesting and absorbing lactose because their lactase activity is very high.

However, most adults have less lactase activity than infants, especially adults who have not been in contact with milk for many years. After drinking formula with higher glucose content, bowel sounds, bloating, even diarrhea, and abdominal pain may occur.Manifestations of lactose intolerance.

In addition, from the perspective of protein supplementation, the nutritional value of infant formula is not very high for adults, and it is not as good as ordinary milk powder, milk, and yogurt.

2 Use the remaining milk powder for cooking. It ‘s a waste when the baby eats the remaining milk powder. If the adult does n’t drink, the best way is to make other food.

For example, make cakes and put them in soups and porridges. In this way, lactose will be replaced, and the reaction of lactose intolerance will not occur after eating.

[Sichuan Zijiang Fried Duck Practice]_How to do_How to do

[Sichuan Zijiang Fried Duck Practice]_How to do_How to do

Duck is a common ingredient in life. Duck meat is rich in nutrients and easy to be absorbed and digested by the human body. It has more benefits for protecting the cardiovascular system and has certain effects on delaying aging.Duck blood also detoxifies and removes toxins from the body.

Duck meat is tender and delicious, and there are many ways to do it. Some methods of frying, stewing and roasting have been liked by some people. The fried duck with ginger and ginger is a method with characteristics of each other.

Ingredients: duck meat, duck meat, ginger, red pepper, garlic head 100 grams, star anise style, cinnamon peel, raw soy sample, salt substitute, starch substitute.

Production steps: The more chopped the duck, the better. Today, there is no rush to chop the chop. The more chopped the better.

Ginger is cut into shreds, peppers are cut into pieces, and shreds can also be shredded.

Slice and shred are fine.

Ready to cook.

After the camellia oil is hot, add ginger, garlic, pepper, and other ingredients, and stir fry first.

Serve well after cooking.

Add chopped duck to the flour and stir it. After the tea oil is heated, stir-fry.

Duck stir fry for one minute. Put the ginger and chili peppers that you cooked in the pot before, put a little salt, a bit of raw soy, a bit of water, stir fry.

The nutritional value of duck meat is 1. The cholesterol concentration in duck meat is relatively low. Duck meat is easily absorbed by the human digestive system after entering the stomach. Therefore, the nutritional absorption is relatively sufficient. The content of vitamin B and vitamin E is relatively high.It is much higher than other meat quality. People who eat duck meat rarely suffer from beriberi. It can prevent neuritis and various infections. It can also fight aging. Duck meat is rich in niacin.Niacin is an important part of an enzyme in the human body. This enzyme substance can protect patients with heart diseases and other diseases.

2. Duck blood is a substance with a high iron content. It exists in the form of heme iron and is absorbed and used in the human body.

3. Duck blood contains cobalt, which can prevent anaemia and malignant anemia. Duck blood can also clear the intestine, help detoxification of the stomach and stomach, duck blood also contains vitamin K, which has coagulationThe role of blood helps to stop bleeding.

[Babao Sticky Rice Duck]_ delicious practice _ how to cook

[Babao Sticky Rice Duck]_ delicious practice _ how to cook

Glutinous rice is a Chinese medicinal material that can replenish Zhongqi and Qi, and is used to cure diseases such as thirst-quenching and thirst, endless sweating, inadequate overwork, abdominal pain, pregnancy and fetal movement, etc. Duck is a poultry. Duck meat is tender and delicious.It is a kind of meat that many people like to eat. Among them, Beijing roast duck, Nanjing salted duck, etc. have great fame. Let’s take a look at another recipe of Babao glutinous rice duck with Xiaobian today.

The main ingredients of Babao glutinous rice duck are about 1500 grams of 0 tender ducks, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 75 grams of lean meat, 75 grams of raw duck kidney, 25 grams of ham, 25 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 10 grams of mushrooms, and pineapple.Half a can, ginger slices, spring onions 10 grams each, net eggs 75 grams, spring onions 2.

5 grams, chicken essence 8 grams, MSG 2 grams, refined salt 3.

5 grams, 125 grams of dry starch, 10 grams of wet starch, 5 grams of sesame oil, and 0 pepper.

5 grams, 25 grams of Shao wine, 6 grams of marinade, 5 grams of soy sauce, 500 grams of peanut oil (actual consumption 100 grams).

Gourmet Practice 1: Cut and sacrifice the ducks after slaughter and depilation, remove all the bones and internal organs, and remove the feet to make boneless whole ducks. Mix the lean meat with 25 grams of dried starch. Raw duck kidneys are cooked with boiling water.; Glutinous rice is soaked with water, simmered twice with boiling water, and washed with water; 2, boiled with peanut oil, add the processed glutinous rice, lean meat, kidney, ham, mushroom, 4 grams of refined saltStir 5 grams of chicken essence, cook into 15 grams of Shaojiu, and mix to make the whole duck. Make the knife solid with a toothpick, roll it over with water, pierce the pinhole on the duck, place in the casserole, and add refined salt 3.

5 grams, chicken essence 2.

5 grams, 10 grams of wine, ginger slices, shallots, boiled water, cover and simmer until cooked; 3, take 5 grams of net egg and wet starch into a paste, apply to the stuffed duck, and then pat dry starch;Wok the wok, cook the peanut oil to about 150 ℃, lower the duck, remove the end of the pot from the fire, fry the duck until it is golden yellow, and remove the remaining oil.

Place on a dish and surround it with pineapple.

In addition, pour the raw soup of stewed duck into the pot, add mushrooms, shallots, soy sauce, pepper, fragrant marinade, add 5 grams of wet starch, add sesame oil and bright oil and mix well.

[Jiangxi Dexing has some special snacks]_type_ranking

[Jiangxi Dexing has some special snacks]_type_ranking

Dexing This is a city in Jiangxi. There are many very delicious special snacks in this city, similar to Dexing soil bayberry wine, which is delicious and has enhanced resistance to the human body and regulates blood lipids.Xing rice noodles, steamed meat, and sweet Dexingtu honey.

These snacks are both delicious and nutritious, so they are very popular. Let’s introduce in detail some special snacks in Dexing, Jiangxi.


Dexingtu bayberry wine Dexingtu bayberry wine is a specialty of Dexing City, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province.

Dexingtu bayberry wine has a crystal clear body, bright and bright color, rich fruit aroma, pleasant aroma, refreshing, soft and long aftertaste.

Bayberry “can quench thirst and the five internal organs, can cleanse the stomach and intestines, and remove annoyance and anger.”

The made bayberry wine can also relieve fatigue, disperse summer heat, expel rheumatism, and produce diarrhea. Regular eating can prevent colds, enhance resistance, resist oxidation, regulate blood lipids, reduce and remove garbage in the body, etc.The stomach and intestines also have health effects.


Dexing Rice Noodle Steamed Meat is a special dish of Dexing City, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province.

Dexing rice noodles steamed meat feels lean meat with delicate texture, fat but not greasy, just like the mouth is melted, and the color and fragrance are good.

Dexing flour steamed meat is a local dish that every restaurant will cook, but the taste is completely different.

Dexing rice noodles steamed meat method: first of all, you must choose pork belly or pre-filled meat, using lean pork is definitely not good for rice noodles; second is the replacement of rice noodles.Then it’s dry, too little to get tired.


Wild kudzu powder is processed from wild kudzu growing in the virgin forest of Sanqing Mountain. It has the effects of clearing heat and poisoning, removing fire, and has special effects on sore throat.

(Shangrao) Eating wild kudzu powder often can be used for beauty and beauty, promote fair skin, smooth and delicate, and make women glow with youth.

The research results show that wild pueraria powder can inhibit various diseases brought by women postpartum. Eating wild pueraria powder can regulate menopause syndrome. Wild pueraria powder has a good breast-enhancing effect.effect.
It also has effects on the uterus, ovary and skin, and isoflavone residues in Pueraria powder.


Dexing Alpine Tea is a specialty of Dexing City, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province.

Dexing Alpine Tea contains a large amount of amino acids, polyphenols, caffeine, multivitamins, aromatic substances, sugars and so on.

Dexing has a long history of tea production. The masses have good experience in tea planting and tea making. The city has about 40,000 acres of tea land.

There are tea trees all over the city. Xingangshan Town has initially established a 10,000-mu green tea base. The townships of Zhancai, Jietian, Huangbai, and other towns have an area of more than 3,000 mu.Tea tree plantings in towns are also over 1,000 acres.

Tea is routinely picked in spring, summer, and autumn, but the yield and quality of tea varies greatly from season to season.


Dexingtu honey Dexingtu honey is a specialty of Dexing City, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province.

Dexingtu honey has a thick, transparent or translucent gelatinous taste, sweet taste, and a strong aroma.

Dexing camellia and canola flowers are rich in resources, creating conditions for bees to collect and brew honey. Zhangcun, Wancun, Huan Er, Huaqiao, Haikou, Xingang Mountains and other places have bee breeding and honey produced by parasites.The quality is excellent, the price ranges from 20-30 yuan, and there are spring, summer, and winter honey according to the season of honey collection. The quality of winter honey is the best.

From the wild trees, adopters such as rock caves are called wild honey, also known as stone honey or rock honey. The quality is the best, but the yield is limited.

[Can infants drink Tremella fuciformis jujube soup]_ children _ influence

[Can infants drink Tremella fuciformis jujube soup]_ children _ influence

The main nutritional value of Tremella is to supplement protein and protein to improve immunity, and Tremella fuciformis jujube soup is very good for women, because many women may have anemia, especially during the period of menstruation.You will feel particularly weak and have a lot of qi and blood, so you can eat some red dates tonic, so can babies drink white fungus soup?

11 Can tremella jujube soup baby drink it?

Traces of gum, vitamins, dietary fiber, Tremella polysaccharides, amino acids, and calcium, iron, phosphorus and other mineral elements in Tremella jujube soup have a certain supplementary effect. Moderate consumption will not have a harmful effect on the baby. Therefore, the baby can eat the soup.

2 Tremella Jujube Soup is suitable for babies older than 2 years old.

Tremella fuciformis jujube soup is rich in precipitated fiber. For older babies, it has a weak function and a narrow esophagus. It cannot digest and absorb Tremella fuciformis jujube soup. Therefore, it is better for babies to consume it after 2 years old.

3 The benefits of drinking tremella fuciformis jujube for laxative intestines and laxatives tremella fuciformis jujube soup replaces fiber. This substance can promote interference with peristalsis, accelerate the digestion and absorption of food in the body, and prevent constipation in children.

The beauty and beauty of Tremella fuciformis jujube soup has natural natural gums, vitamins and minerals, which have a certain emollient effect and make the baby’s facial complexion rosy and shiny.

Promote calcium absorption Rich in vitamin D in Tremella fuciformis jujube soup, can promote human body’s absorption of calcium and promote bone development.

Enhancing immunity The multiple amino acids in Tremella fuciformis jujube soup can effectively enhance the baby’s immunity and promote growth and development.

4 When is the best time to drink tremella fuciformis jujube soup at about 10 in the morning?

Tremella fuciformis jujube soup is rich in nutrients and can be eaten around 10 am, so that the baby can absorb the nutrients in the food to the greatest extent.

It is also possible to eat it in the afternoon, but it should be noted that it should not be eaten before bedtime.

[How to make three-color mousse cake]_Home-made method of three-color mousse cake_How to make three-color mousse cake_How to make three-color mousse cake

[How to make three-color mousse cake]_Home-made method of three-color mousse cake_How to make three-color mousse cake_How to make three-color mousse cake

When you return from work one day, you will definitely feel exhausted.

Of course, you also feel empty at this time, how to fill your belly?

The best thing is to get out of the kitchen yourself.

When you taste the food in your sweat, you must feel extremely sweet.

Now let ‘s try and make a three-color mousse cake.


Use the mold to cut out the required shape. The 6-inch is a movable bottom mold, which is slightly smaller than the mold.

12 hex mousse ring with plastic wrap on the bottom 3.

21 light cream with sugar until 70% hair, refrigerate for 4.

The mango and melon cooking machine stir into the mud.

After the gelatin pieces are soaked, drain the water and heat the water to completely dissolve them.

12 At the same time, take out the yogurt from the refrigerator and warm it up. Half of the gelatine solution and yogurt are mixed evenly.

21 Add mango puree and mix well.

Add half the beaten whipped cream 9.

Turn to mix evenly.

Pour the mango mousse paste into a mold of cocoa cake pieces and refrigerate in the refrigerator until it solidifies11.

Mix the melon mousse paste 12 in the same way.

Take out the cake 13 that has solidified on the surface.

Pour melon mousse paste 14.

Enter the refrigerator to refrigerate until it solidifies, take it out, and decorate the surface after demoulding. Seeing here, you also fully understand the detailed practice of three-color mousse cake.

I hope you can practice as soon as you master the practice.

Only by accelerating your practice can you accelerate the enjoyment of delicious food.

[Can beer increase fat]_ gain weight _ effect

[Can beer increase fat]_ gain weight _ effect

Although some people are struggling to lose weight, due to physical reasons, there are still some people in the world who are not fat no matter how they eat.

This group of people will look for ways to increase fat at some appropriate time, because it is too much interference, it is easy to make people look malnourished.

Beer is a wine product made from wheat and water. People who drink beer often produce beer belly, so does beer have a fattening effect?

1. Does drinking beer increase fat? Drinking beer can increase fat, because alcohol does not provide heat, but it produces heat. The heat value of alcohol is 7kcal / g.

At the same time, alcohol heat does not accumulate in the body and can be quickly dissipated from the body, which is why the body is feverish after drinking.

During this heat dissipation process, the conversion of the three major production nutrients was inhibited. Drinking a large amount of beer for a long period of time resulted in too much beer beer.

How healthy beer should be

1. Generally, an adult male absorbs more than 25 grams of alcohol per day. According to the calculation of the alcoholic percentage, the daily beer conversion amount exceeds 800 ml, which should be controlled to two listening or one bottle.


2. When drinking beer, try not to pair it with barbecue, chicken, duck, fish, etc., choose more light vegetables, but also reduce the amount of staple food appropriately.

Patients with hyperlipidemia and gout are advised not to drink.


3. Appropriate beer supplements can help us to maintain our health, but we must abide by the principles of healthy diet. For example, many foods are not suitable for beer pairing, and drinking too much beer does easily make beer belly appear, so I hopeEveryone can drink beer healthy.

3. Taboos prohibiting beer 3.

1. It is not advisable to take medicine after drinking beer. Beer contains a certain amount of alcohol, which can interact with more than 100 commonly used drugs, some increase the efficacy, some decrease the efficacy, and some have the opposite effect.

Practice has proved that after drinking beer, antibiotics, antihypertensive sedatives, anticoagulants, and hypoglycemic drugs should not be taken immediately.


2. It is not advisable to drink beer and liquor together. Some people are used to drinking beer and then drink liquor, which will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal system and easily cause digestive disorders.

In addition, drinking beer and liquor together can speed up the alcohol into the blood, and it is easy to get drunk.


3. It is not advisable to drink barbecue food while drinking beer. During the barbecue process, a carcinogenic component called “amine-amine compound” is actually produced. Alcohol can expand the blood vessels of the digestive tract, dissolve the mucus proteins on the surface of the digestive tract mucosa, and cause cancerSubstances are easily absorbed by the body, and seafood, animal viscera, and most meats are high purine foods. As a result, nucleic acids in beer are eventually broken down into uric acid. When uric acid in the blood exceeds a certain solubility, it will be deposited in the joint cavity.This led to similar symptoms such as swelling and pain in some joints.

[Female sexual needs]_female sexual needs_performance_physical signs

[Female sexual needs]_female sexual needs_performance_physical signs

In fact, everyone will have physical needs, but the characteristics shown by different age stages are also different. For women, the period when sexuality is most intense should be the 30- to 40-year-old stage, which is also the golden period of sex.Women now enjoy sex more.

1. Before 15 years of age: Very sexually savvy Girls before 15 years of age have no concept of sex, and they are very cautious and sloppy.

In sexual relations, they avoid absolute problems more. They are more inclined to pure feelings, eager for gentle and romantic exchanges, sexual desire is in a downturn, and they will not have excessive tendencies.

2, 15?
20 years old: Beginning to explore sexuality This age group of girls has germinated sexual desire, multi-sexuality has increased, and began to pay attention to her heterosexual attraction.

I’m more concerned about exuding women’s charm and being more attached to love. Sexual relationships do not occur at will, but after paying attention to love, I will offer virginity without hesitation.

3, 20?
30 years old: Decreased sexual pleasure This stage is an important period for women to develop their careers and improve their abilities.

At this time, their sexual desire is also fully developed, and they have specific needs for sex.

However, under busyness and fatigue, most women may not have time to enjoy sexual pleasure.

There are also some misfortunes, and women who want sugar daddy are willing to use sex in exchange for benefits.

There are also people who have sex for the sake of marriage, with the goal of getting married and starting a family.

In short, women of this age will not enjoy sexual pleasure.

4, 30?
40 years old: At this age of the golden age of sex, women spend more time on sex, and they begin to pursue fun and contentment.

It can be said that 30 to 40 years is the golden age of women’s sex. With more experience, they also have new and special interests; they have a special feeling for the passage of time and cherish every happy time.

[What is the recipe for making stuffing in buns?]_How to mix _How to mix

[What is the recipe for making bun stuffing?

]_How to match_How to match

In the daily diet, buns are a common dish for many people. The filling methods of the buns are various and the nutritional value is rich. Different fillings have different flavors and textures. The seasonings and recipes in the fillings are relativelyThe key point is that the adjusted filling can make the taste of the bun better, which will make the taste of the bun more tender, and the seasoning of the bun filling is very simple.

What is the recipe for making stuffing for buns?

Method for making spice oil: Add 1 kg of peanut oil, 100 g of chives, 100 grams of ginger, 30 grams of scallion, 30 grams of celery, 10 grams of cinnamon, 20 grams of pepper, 20 grams of peppercorns.The shallots are yellow and filtered off the fire to get oil.

Pork all-purpose filling is the most widely used. It can be added with a variety of vegetable materials to make vegetable-based fillings.

Donkey meat filling is based on the formula of pork universal filling, adding 10 grams of spiced powder.

Beef universal filling is based on the pork universal filling formula, adding 13 grams of 13 spices.

Generally, it is only mixed with round spring onion, and the flavor of other vegetarian ingredients cannot be the strongest.

Based on the formula of pork all-purpose filling, mutton all-purpose filling is added with angelica flour and 5 grams of white lotus root powder.

Generally, the lamb universal filling is only used with carrot filling, and the flavor of other vegetarian materials cannot be the strongest.

One absolutely filling: Raw materials: 400 grams of fresh minced meat, 80 grams of dried sea rice, chopped, 350 grams of squeezed cabbage leaves, 120 grams of chopped shiitake mushrooms, and 100 grams of cucumber.

Seasoning: 25 grams each of sesame oil and flavor oil, 50 grams each of cooking wine, soy sauce, 15 grams each of scallion and ginger, 20 grams of flavor powder, and 150 grams of salad oil.

Production: Put salad oil in the pot and cook until it is 50% hot.

Add the minced green onion, stir-fry the ginger and add all the ingredients, stir fry over low heat, season with the remaining seasonings, and let the pan cool.

A hundred years of donkey meat fillings: Raw materials: donkey meat universal filling 500 grams, green onion, ginger 30 grams each, round onion 10 grams, sesame oil 25 grams.

Three fresh fillings: Ingredients: 3000 grams of fresh minced meat, 100 grams of dried sea rice, 10 grams of shrimp, and 50 grams of scallops.

Seasoning: 50 grams of soy sauce, 30 grams of salt, 20 grams of MSG, 250 grams of salad oil, 10 grams of chicken flour, 15 grams of sesame oil, and oyster sauce.

Production: Add salad oil to the pot.

When it is hot to 50%, add fresh minced meat from the front trough and stir-fry it. Use the remaining seasoning and seasoning, cool it out, add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Pork and corn filling (raw stuffing): Ingredients: 500 grams of pork universal filling, 50 grams of corn kernels, 20 grams of pine nuts.

Corn pine kernel filling (cooked filling): Raw materials: 500 grams of pork universal filling, 20 grams of corn kernels, 50 grams of pine nuts.

Cucumber and shrimp fillings: Ingredients: 800 grams of diced cucumber, 200 grams of fresh shrimp, 12 grams each of salt, MSG, 8 grams of chicken powder, and 20 grams of sesame oil.

Green pepper egg filling: Ingredients: 400 grams of egg liquid, 600 grams of green pepper.

Seasoning: 20 grams of salt, 10 grams of sesame oil, flavor oil, 5 grams each of MSG, and 100 grams of salad oil.

Production: Put salad oil in the pot. When it’s hot to 50%, add egg liquid, fry the eggs on a low heat and use the remaining seasonings to season. Let the pan cool, add the green peppers and mix well.