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[Do you want to marinate the barbecue]

[Do you want to marinate the barbecue]

Yakiniku is a good food for people to make at home.

Making a rich and delicious barbecue together with family or friends can not only enhance communication between family members, but also strengthen the relationship between friends.

A delicious barbecue requires good ingredients at all, and the method of barbecue is also important.

Many ingredients need to be marinated before they are delicious.

Do you want to marinate the barbecue?

Grilled meat is not necessary and can be adjusted to suit your taste.

In order to make the food more delicious and tasteful, it needs to be marinated.

Marinating method: Meat marinating method: use a knife to make a few strokes, and add soy sauce, salt, black pepper noodles, green onions, and ginger. Marinate for one day, and massage it for N times.

Brush honey when roasting, and sprinkle with cumin and paprika according to taste. You can also add some hot sauce, garlic sauce, chutney, etc., and add it according to personal taste.

Note: Chicken: Swipe a few times with a knife, soak it in lemonade, and sprinkle some starch.

Seafood: The pickling time of seafood taken out of the refrigerator should not exceed 30 minutes.

Ingredients for marinating method 2: pork tenderloin, ginger, shallots, refined salt, paprika, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, spiced powder, starch, eggs, sesame oil, etc. Production method: 1. Cut pork tenderloin into slices, use ginger, spring onionSalt, MSG, and cooking wine are marinated and flavored, then stringed with an iron sign.

2. Mix water and starch into a paste.

Add egg whites and stir well with chopsticks in one direction to make egg paste.

3. Heat the frying pan, add oil and simmer to 50% heat, dip the skewers with egg sauce and put them in. Turn gently with chopsticks and fry them to brown in about 5 minutes.Sprinkle the powder and allspice on top and serve immediately.

Features: bright red color, tender and tender outside, salty and spicy.

This method can also use fried kebabs, ham sausage, vegetarian chicken and so on.

[The practice of stewing pork elbow with two dishes]_The common practice of eating two stews with pork

[The practice of stewing pork elbow with two dishes]_The common practice of stewing pork elbow with two dishes_The practice of stewing pork elbow with two dishes

Of course, healthy life cannot be separated from nutritious cuisine, and of course, nutritious cuisine cannot be separated from skilled cooking skills.

Therefore, we often learn to cook at home, so that the cooking technology will become better and better. Today, I will introduce the practice of stewing pork elbow with two dishes, and hurry up to improve your cooking skills!



Pork elbow is plucked and shaved, and drained.



Add cooking wine to the pot, boil ginger slices, and simmer pork elbow.



Wash the good pork elbow and put it into the pressure cooker, add water, red dates and ginger slices, and pour in the right amount of cooking wine.



Season with extra fresh soy sauce.



Add an appropriate amount of old soy.



Add a small amount of rock sugar and turn to medium heat for 15 minutes.



After cooking, season with salt.



Just put the rest of the crystal elbow into the hot pot, just warm it up when you eat it.

After carefully reading the steps and methods of stewing pork elbow with two dishes, you must have your own understanding and mastery.

And to make a dish, you need multiple methods, and you need your patience.

So, from now on, take action.

[Can one year old baby eat fungus-]_ One year old baby_Can I eat

[Can one year old baby eat fungus?

】 _Year-old baby_can you eat

Fungus is a common food in daily diet, and it is rich in minerals and a variety of trace elements. Regular consumption is very good for the body, and one-year-old babies can also properly eat some fungus during growth and development. BabyEdible fungus can supplement the minerals and various nutrients required by the body. It is very good for the body. You can add fungus to complementary foods for your baby to eat.

Can one year old baby eat fungus?

Nutrition experts point out that it is better for babies to eat fungus after one year old. The supplementary fiber in fungus is still difficult for babies under 1 year old to digest, and the fungus also has the function of smooth intestine, so the baby should eat fungus after 1 year old.optimal.

Baby’s benefits of eating fungus: 1, protect each other to help digestion: the natural vegetable gum contained in fungus has an alternative adsorption force, which can effectively remove impurities and toxins in the stomach, and effectively prevent and treat the gastrointestinal tract caused by various foreign bodiesDiscomfort.

2. Prevent anemia of the baby: every 100 grams of black fungus means 98 mg of iron, which is 5 times the iron content of pig liver, which is 30 times higher than the spinach’s iron content, so the baby can eat some black fungus properly.Effectively prevent babies with iron deficiency anemia.

3, enhance the baby’s immunity: black fungus contains anti-tumor active substances can enhance the body’s immunity, regular consumption can prevent cancer and anti-cancer.

Precautions for babies to eat fungus 1. Black fungus has the function of smooth intestine. If your baby has a weak stomach or has diarrhea, try not to give it to your baby.

2. When processing dry fungus, add fungus in water, then add salt, soak for half an hour to make the fungus quickly soften; add fungus in warm water, then add two spoonfuls of starch, and then stir.

In this way, small impurities and residual sand particles of fungus can be removed.

The method of fungus suitable for baby: Preparation of Sydney fungus juice: 1 Sydney, black fungus: 1. Wash the roots of the fungus with water for two minutes, and rinse it with cold water.

2. Grind the fungus with a blender and stir into fine particles.

3. Snowflake pears are mixed with water to make a paste, and the crushed fungus and snowdrops are mixed with water and cooked for half an hour.

Nutrition Tips: Sydney has the effect of moisturizing the lungs, clearing dryness, relieving cough and reducing phlegm. If your baby has more cough and phlegm, you can make some Sydney juice for your baby.

Spinach fungus ham porridge preparation materials: the right amount of spinach, the right amount of fungus, the right amount of ham.

Put the washed rice into the pot and add water. This step is the same as cooking the white rice porridge, and the rice porridge is cooked. Go to the next step, soak the fungus, wash the spinach, cut the diced ham, and chop the parsley.

Wash the spinach in boiling water, remove it for about a minute, put it in cold water, let it cool down, drain and chop it (after all, put it in the porridge, it is recommended to chop it a little) and spare.
After foaming, the fungus is cooked in hot water, minced, and set aside.


Wait until the rice porridge is cooked until it is sticky. Pour the chopped spinach, fungus, and ham into the pot and stir slightly.
3 minutes.

Nutrition Tips: Spinach is rich in vitamin A and carotene, which can reduce the risk of retinal degeneration and thus protect vision.

[Kind of single product coffee]_classification_variety

[Kind of single product coffee]_classification_variety

Brazilian coffee: There are many types of coffee in Brazil.

Most coffees have moderate acidity.

Its bitterness and alcohol are neutral, moderate in concentration, smooth and special in taste. It is the best blended bean and is called coffee.

Backbone, the type of single-item coffee, and the single-item taste is also good. Colombian coffee: Produced in Colombia, roasted coffee beans will release a sweet aroma.

They have a benign taste of acid, medium acid.

Due to the proper strength, it is commonly used in premium blend coffee.

Common types of single-product coffee: Brazilian coffee: There are many types of Brazilian coffee. Most coffees have moderate acidity. The sweet, bitter, and mellow flavors are neutral, moderate in concentration, smooth and special.Beans, known as the backbone of coffee, also have a good alternative flavor.

Colombian coffee: Produced in Colombia, roasted coffee beans will release a sweet flavor, with the benign characteristics of sweetness in acid and bitterness, and are often used in higher mixed coffee because of the appropriate concentration.

Mocha coffee: produced in Yemen.

Beans are small and fragrant, with strong acidity, moderate sweetness and special flavor.

The washed coffee beans are well-known high-quality coffee, which are usually blended with a single product.

Mantening coffee: Produced in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is called the most full-grained coffee bean. It has a very strong aroma, a spicy bitterness, and a syrupy taste.Alcohol is a favorite variety of Germans, and most coffee lovers taste it individually.

It is also an indispensable variety for blending coffee.

Java coffee: Java in Indonesia occupies an extremely important part of coffee history.

At present, it is also the major producer of Roberta coffee in the world, and its small amount of Arabica coffee has excellent quality.

Java produces exquisite aromatic coffee with relative acidity, fine taste and good balance.

Costa Rican coffee: High-quality Costa Rican coffee is called “extra hard beans” and it can grow at altitudes above 1500 meters.

Its graininess is very good, smooth and neat, high grade and excellent flavor.

Local per capita coffee consumption is double that of Italy or the United States.

Kenyan coffee: Kenyan coffee contains every feeling we want from a good cup of coffee.

It has a wonderful, satisfying aroma, well-balanced and delicious acidity, uniform granules and excellent fruit flavor.

It is one of the varieties that the highest people generally like.

Cuban coffee: Cuban coffee has moderate granules, sour taste, special flavor, and is full of intoxicating tobacco flavor.

[Difference between Jiashigua and Cantaloupe]_ 佳 师 甜瓜 _Difference

[Difference between Jiashigua and Cantaloupe]_ 佳 师 甜瓜 _Difference

Cantaloupe can be divided into multiple varieties according to the different living environment and its own characteristics.

Among them, Jiashigua is one of the best varieties of cantaloupe, which matures mainly in autumn. The texture of the skin and the texture of the flesh are among the best in cantaloupe.

It has the same functions and effects as cantaloupe, can clear heat and relieve heat, and also has a certain effect on reducing human hypertension.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between them.

(High nutritional value, rich in protein, glucose, biotin and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc., and has the functions of Shengjin, heatstroke, antihypertensive, and has a certain effect on nephritis, gastritis, anemia, constipation and other diseases.

The characteristics of Jiashi melon Jiashi melon skin is thin and thick, the melon meat is 5-6 cm thick, and the skin thickness is only 0.


6 cm.

The pulp has a high sugar content, usually 15% -17%, up to 19%, and has a small change in sugar gradient. It is sweet and crunchy when eaten, and can directly obtain energy after eating.

The efficacy and role of Jia Shigua1.

The origin of Jia Shigua is a thick, thin, and particularly sweet fruit. The variety of Jia Shigua is showy, juicy, thin, and high in sugar.Shigua is the best cantaloupe in Xinjiang.


Efficacy of Jiashigua 1) Jiashigua is a kind of melon that has a good expectorant and expectorant effect, and also has a cooling and antipyretic effect. Jiashigua also has the effects of nourishing the lungs and nourishing the liver.

2) At the same time, because Jiashi Shiquan contains high amounts of multivitamins and plant fibers, it can be said to help digestion well, can also improve appetite, can be emollient or cosmetic, can promote blood circulation and metabolism wellWork.

3) Jiashigua has the effect of promoting the development of children, eating Jiashigua after dinner has a good Cui Mian effect, and the nutritional value of Jiashigua is also very high. Jiashigua is rich in a large number of carbohydrates and a variety ofVitamins, as well as a large amount of plant cellulose, contain a large amount of protein, trace amounts, and also contain a large amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients, which can well prevent bowel cancer, and the potassium content of Jiashigua is very high.

Cultivation points of Jiashigua Cultivation technology points: The first crop is suitable for food crops, and it is not suitable to grow cucurbitaceous, leguminous, and solanaceous crops.

It is suggested that the main application of farm manure is beneficial to the improvement of melon quality and storability.

It is recommended that early-ripening cultivation adopt thin single skin, thick meat, colorful, fine quality, juicy, delicious, sweet, refreshing, storable, and transportable. Jiashi melon is better than any melon, and it is worthy of being “the world’s first melon”.

[How to make salmon mustard dipping sauce?

]_Modulation method_How to modulate

[How to make salmon mustard dipping sauce?

]_Modulation method_How to modulate

Friends who love seafood can’t live without wasabi, especially when eating salmon, the mustard dipping is a necessary seasoning. Mustard can be fishy, and it can increase the taste and improve the taste of fish, butEveryone must pay attention to the fact that the mustard is mustard paste and mustard powder. You must add a little bit of mustard when you mix the dipping sauce. Do not add too much because it will blow your nose and make you feel uncomfortable.

Method for preparing salmon mustard juice: Ingredients: 5g mustard, 15ml soy sauce, 10ml vinegar, 5ml sesame oil, and 5g caster sugar Method: 1. Mix mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and caster sugar together in a small bowl to makeThe mustard juice is set aside.

2. The black fungus enters the blister hair, and the fungus is washed and torn into small flowers.

3, boil the water in the pot on high fire, and pour out the fungus water.

4. Simmer the fungus over cold water, drain the water, and put it in the dish.

5. Pour the fungus juice on the fungus, sprinkle with coriander and mix well.

Raw salmon is best eaten with mustard.

The main reason is that mustard can sterilize and detoxify fish and crab. Salmon is marine fish with cold sex. Wild salmon has many parasite species. Wasabi can kill aseptic coexisting cold poison.

Just like eating crabs or Tianluo in the Jiangnan area and eating them with shiso.

About 95% of Atlantic salmon sold in the Chinese domestic market comes from Norway. Due to strict monitoring of farming, fishing, slaughtering, cleaning, packaging, and transportation, the Norwegian farmed Norwegian salmon parasites.

Therefore, when eating these salmon, you must not add wasabi if you don’t like it.

200g salmon, 2 teaspoons (10g) of salt, 20g of French mustard, 100g of almonds, 100g of lettuce, 1/4 red and yellow pepper, nut crumbs 1, sprinkle a small amount of salt on both sides of the salmonAdd French mustard sauce and let stand for 15?

For 30 minutes, marinate and taste, and then coat the salmon with mustard on the surface.

2. Preheat oven to baking biscuits (bakery) mode to 177 ° C, place salmon in baking dish with butter or olive oil on rag, and bake for 10?
15 minutes.

3. Wash and shred the lettuce, wash and shred the green, red, and yellow peppers, place them on the bottom of the plate, and place the salmon pieces on the salad of lettuce and green, red, and yellow peppers.

Tips and tricks to determine whether the salmon is cooked, you can put the salmon on the knife and see that the meat can easily spread and it is cooked.

[Can maternal eat prawns]_ breastfeeding _ can you eat

[Can maternal eat prawns]_ breastfeeding _ can you eat

Prawns are not the same as prawns. Prawns are much larger than prawns, and their meat quality will be more tender. But prawns are not bad, and prawns can be rich in protein, calcium, and can be used with many foodTake it together, do n’t worry about having a lot of relatives. In addition, women who are postpartum can eat prawns at this time, but also according to their physical condition. If the baby is having eczema, it ‘s OK.Eat river prawns.

The efficacy and role of prawns Prawns are high-protein, low-fat aquatic foods. It is delicate in meat, delicious in taste, and rich in nutrition. Especially astaxanthin in prawns is widely used in cosmetics, food additives, and pharmaceuticals.

Properly eating prawns can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and protect the cardiovascular system. The pruritus effect of prawns is also very good. It is a delicious product for pregnant women. People who are weak and need to be nursed after illness can also eat more prawns.
Food with grams of shrimp avoid eating with certain fruits.

Shrimp is rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium.

If you eat them with fruits containing carbonic acid, such as grapes, pomegranates, hawthorns, and persimmons, it will not only reduce the nutritional value of protein, but also add acid and calcium ions to form insoluble conjugates to stimulate the stomach, cause discomfort, vomiting, dizzinessNausea and abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Seafood and these fruits should be eaten at least 2 hours apart.

Suitable for the general population Reasonable consumption1.

Middle-aged and elderly, pregnant women, patients with cardiovascular disease, kidney deficiency impotence, male infertility, waist and foot weakness are more suitable for consumption; meanwhile, it is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with calf cramps caused by calcium deficiency;

People with chronic illnesses should not eat shrimp at the time of getting angry; physical allergies, such as those with allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, recurrent allergic dermatitis, should not eat shrimp; in addition, shrimp is a windbreaker and suffers from skin itchThose who do not eat.

The demand for river shrimp in the farming technology market is increasing day by day, it is selling well, and the price is more expensive.

Under the circumstances that the prices of many famous fish such as sea bass, osmanthus, eel, turtle, catfish, etc. have fallen sharply, the price of river shrimp is still very firm.

Some experts believe that once properly reared, river shrimp per mu is 6 to 8 times more beneficial than fish farming, and even more.

It is understood that farming river shrimp is not complicated, and the general water depth is 1 m-1.

A pond with sand and mud at the bottom of a 5-meter pond can be used as a shrimp culture pond. The pond should be close to the water source, the brakes should be drained in time to increase oxygen.

River prawns are omnivorous. It has strong reproductive power and fast growth. It is even mixed with non-carnivorous fish such as tadpoles and tadpoles.

[How to adjust the juice of the old-fashioned wok meat]_ practice _ how to make

[How to adjust the juice of the old-fashioned wok meat]_ practice _ how to make

There are too many Chinese foods, and many people decide to live from old to old, and they are still very happy as a foodie.

Here’s a dish, the old-fashioned wok meat.

The old-fashioned hot pot meat is a very good Northeast dish. It is placed on the spine of pork and it tastes really delicious. It is loved all over the country.

In fact, the juice of the old-fashioned wok meat is very important. You can make the old-fashioned wok meat taste better by learning the juice by yourself.

Don’t believe it, try it.

There are two types of juice. One is sweet and sour. The main ingredients are rice vinegar, sugar, a little salt and pepper, and MSG.

Put these seasonings in a small bowl and stir with water to taste even if it tastes almost the same (highlighting the sweet and sour taste).

For good looks, add 1 or 2 drops of soy sauce to the prepared juice.

Remember, there must be less water!

One is salty, which is soy sauce, salt and pepper, and MSG (note that there is not too much soy sauce), adjust the juice, and cut some garlic slices and shallots for later use.

Continue to cook the oil pan, heat 70% of the oil, and pour all the fried meat just back into the pan.

The purpose this time is to paint, so the fire can be bigger and the oil can be hotter.

However, pay attention to observation and save the meat.

After the meat has been fried, find another pot and set it on the fire, put oil in it, heat it, add garlic slices, onion, and shabu-shabu, pour the fried meat slices, stir fry a few times, and lower the juice.

If your juice is just right, it will be absorbed by the meat slices soon after cooking, and there will not be much wealth.

Don’t worry if you find a pile of soup.

Serve the meat first.

Bring the remaining juice aside, add some water starch to thicken, and pour on the meat.

Because the meat is cooked, this process can be completed quickly!

It should be noted that: sometimes I also use onion, ginger, garlic soaked water to adjust the juice, so the taste will be stronger, depending on your preference!

If you don’t feel the flavour of the meat is enough, you can marinate it with salt, cooking wine and white pepper in advance. Marinate it about 10 minutes in advance, and the meat will be more flavorful.

The second time of frying twice should be controlled. Most of the ingredients that are frying twice are used to color the ingredients. Don’t take too long, so the meat will become dry and rough, and it will not be crispy.Tender effect.

Some people like to add some baking powder when hanging the paste, and may feel that the outer skin is more fluffy. In fact, the traditional method is not so complicated. You can add some egg liquid appropriately, and you can also avoid the problem of too hard outer layer of meat.

[What to do if penis is too long]_How to deal with penis

[What to do if penis is too long]_How to deal with penis

Most men are worried that the penis is too short, but a penis that is too long may not be a good thing. In fact, there are some adverse effects in sexual life, because it is easy to cause a vaginal laceration during sex.long.

1. People with too large penis should pay attention when they are newly married, and their sexual intercourse must not be rough, so as not to tear the hymen.

In addition, the penis should not be inserted too deep into the vagina, because the length of the vagina is about 12cm, if the action is rough, it will also cause a vaginal laceration.

However, those with an oversized penis can’t rest easy.

Because some penis is too large is a sign of some disease.

For example, tumors in the lower thalamus or pituitary gland, or brain injury, viral encephalitis, etc., cause excessive secretion of gonadotropins; for example, they cause mutations in pills to cause excessive release of hormones. These factors cause the penis to grow during development.excessive.

Therefore, those with an excessively large penis should be alert to the aforementioned diseases.

2. Because of persistently emptying the inventory regularly: 1. It can prevent the toxin produced by the prostate due to too much fluid accumulation for too long; 2. It can promote the continuous production of new sperm by the insulin pill, thereby making the insulin pill vital; 3. Reduce the long-term abstinenceThe resulting sexual anxiety creates a pleasant mood and reduces the possibility of crime.

However, it must not be too excessive, the object must be reversed, I believe everyone must understand.

In addition, masturbation should pay attention to the method not to be too stimulating, and the intensity should be suitable not to be too large or too violent.

Don’t take too long, it’s best not to exceed 15 minutes within 10 minutes.

Anyway, you ca n’t deliberately seek to solve it as soon as possible or deliberately suppress clumsiness, because because of deliberate pursuit is too early or too late, after a long time, it will form inertia, and the ejaculation threshold will also change, so that it becomes habitual premature diarrheaOr sexual life without pleasure can not ejaculate.

3, remember to pay attention to the frequency of masturbation can not be replaced, although now young, I do not feel any discomfort, but the harm caused by more does exist, wait for a few years and wait for formal use will beThere are many problems, so we must control the reduction to within the normal range.

Men should learn to accept reality.

If the size problem is always the lingering pain in their hearts, then they can use various techniques to improve the effect of sex.

Sexual intercourse itself is so simple that it can’t be simpler. Unfortunately, sometimes the results are not satisfactory.

If you want to eliminate worry and share the best feelings with your partner, you must learn to make the most of your conditions.

In fact, penis of different sizes and shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages. As long as you master the correct method, you can bring the joy of ecstasy to your beloved woman.

[Children’s Cold Medicine Encyclopedia_Children’s Cold Medicine Name]

[Children’s Cold Medicine Encyclopedia_Children’s Cold Medicine Name]

If the child has a cold when he was a child, he must actively take medicine for the child, otherwise the cold may cause a fever, and it is likely to have children with pneumonia or meningitis. When children have a cold, there may be sequelae.Rhinitis is caused by a cold, and there are many different medicines for treating children’s colds. You must choose a small alternative. So what are the cold medicines for children?

Pediatric cold medicine is suitable for the treatment of pediatric cold symptoms. It mainly includes western medicine, decoction, proprietary Chinese medicine and granules.

And pediatric cold medicines are safer and healthier, because children’s immunity is low, so the drugs used should be more careful.

Let’s take a look at what these pediatric cold medicines are and what are their characteristics.

First, western medicine.

Western medicine is generally the most common medicine nowadays. Because everyone feels that it is important and troublesome, they will choose western medicine for treatment.

If the child at home has nasal congestion and starts to runny nose, he will be advised to use the compound preparation to wake up.

Second, Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a traditional method of treatment in developing countries, while traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound.

According to the three different causes of colds in children (heat, wind, cold, and wind), the treatment methods adopted are also different, and different medications will be used.

Third, granules.

This medicine is very convenient, it is very suitable for young children to eat, and because it is convenient, parents will choose to use this method for treatment, because you need to use a little water to brew it, you can use it directly, helping parents save a lottime.

Fourth, decoction.

Because the preparation of the decoction is temporary and time-consuming, the current hospitals do not use this method to treat children with colds, and parents will not choose this method.

After looking at the characteristics of the above several cold medicines, let’s take a look at several common cold medicines to understand that there are some kinds of cold medicines for children.

First, when the child shows symptoms of sneezing and runny nose, parents can choose pediatric cold particles, pediatric Jindan and other drugs.

Second, when the child has the symptoms of both cold and fever, parents should take cold granules, Xiaoer Qingfei Oral Liquid, etc. for the child as soon as possible.

Third, if the child coughs and has a lot of phlegm, it is necessary to use Mushutan and pediatric cough syrup to eliminate the symptoms of colds.

The above contents, parents should read carefully to understand what are the cold medicines for children, so that they can take timely measures to treat children when they have a cold, and when the seasons change, parents should timely increase and decrease the weight of the child and improve the child’s immunityThis will prevent colds in young children.

When using the medicine, follow the doctor’s instructions and instructions. Do not use the medicine blindly.