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[How to make mutton soup noodles]_ making method _ home practice

[How to make mutton soup noodles]_ making method _ home practice

The method of making mutton soup noodles is relatively simple, as long as we make the mutton soup base, then put the noodles in the soup, cook them, and then eat them.

However, the practice of mutton soup base takes a bit of effort, because mutton is relatively saucy. We need to add ginger and other fish to remove the fishy flavor, and add pepper and other flavors, and then sprinkle the noodles with scallions or parsley.

Conventional production materials Main ingredients: noodles (standard flour) (500 g) lamb (lean) (300 g) Ingredients: coriander (10 g) white radish (300 g) Seasoning: shallot (25 g) ginger (5 g) salt (6g) MSG (3g) soy sauce (5g) cooking wine (15g) pepper (2g) sesame oil (15g) production process 1.

Wash the parsley and cut into parsley. Wash the white radish and cut it into shredded radish. Peel and wash the onion and ginger. Cut the onion from the onion white and ginger and cut into thin filaments. Set aside. Wash and cut the lambFilament, put into bowl, add cooking wine, soy sauce, spring onion, ginger, refined salt, sesame oil and mix well.


Pour fresh soup into the pot, heat it up, add shredded radish and cook, add the mixed mutton shreds, and boil over high heat, add MSG, and add noodle soup.


Take a clean pot and pour in water, boil and add the noodles. After cooking, remove them into a few bowls, add the lamb shredded carrot soup, sprinkle with pepper, coriander, and serve.

Nutritional value noodles (standard flour): The main nutritional components of noodles are protein, trace, oil, etc .; noodles absorb and digest and absorb, which can improve anemia, enhance immunity, and balance nutritional absorption.

Lamb (lean): Lamb meat is delicate, easy to digest, high protein, low feces, contains more phospholipids, less trace content than pork and beef, less protein content, is one of the delicious flavors for winter cold warm; mutton is warm and sweetIt can be used as both a tonic and a diet. It is an excellent and strong anti-illness food. It is good for tonifying qi, warming in the middle and warming, tonifying the kidney and yang, strengthening muscles, and resisting the effects of protecting against the cold.

Coriander: Coriander contains a large amount of volatile oil, and its special aroma is emitted from volatile oil.

It can eliminate the fishy smell of meat, so adding some coriander in a small amount can eliminate the fishy smell and enhance the unique effect of flavor.

Coriander extract has a significant function of sweating and clearing heat and rash. Its special fragrance can stimulate the secretion of sweat glands, so that the body sweats and rashes.

In addition, it has the effect of reconciling the stomach, all because of the coriander’s spicy fragrance, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and has the effect of appetizing and refreshing the spleen.

White radish: White radish is the most common dish on the table of ordinary people. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, amylase, oxidase, manganese and other substances.

In addition, the contained saccharifying enzyme can decompose the carcinogen nitrosamine in other foods, thereby exerting an anti-cancer effect.

For chest tightness, asthma, loss of appetite, and a lot of cough, it has a therapeutic effect.

[What is the cause of urinary tract infections]

[What is the cause of urinary tract infections]

Speaking of urinary tract infections, many friends think that it is possible to develop this disease only if you do not pay attention to hygiene during sex. In fact, there are many causes of urinary tract infections, and the hygiene of sexual life only causes the diseaseOne of the reasons is the decline in resistance and infection, which can also lead to urinary tract infections in the elderly.

In order to let everyone know the urinary tract infections in detail, here is a detailed analysis of what is the cause of urinary tract infections.

1: Lymphatic infection: There is a large number of communication branches between the lymph vessels of the lower abdomen and pelvic organs and the lymph vessels around the kidney, and there is also lymphatic communication between the ascending colon and the right kidney.

When inflammation of the pelvic organs, appendicitis, and colitis, bacteria can also infect the kidneys from the lymphatic tract.

This route of infection is even rarer, and even if it does exist, there are currently gradual changes.

2: Direct infection: When trauma or infection of the organs adjacent to the kidney, bacteria can directly invade the kidney to cause infection, but this situation is very rare clinically.

3: Ascending infection: Routine urination is caused by ascending infection.

Under normal circumstances, there are bacterial parasites in and around the urethral orifice, but generally do not cause infection.

When the body’s resistance is reduced or the urethral mucosa is slightly damaged, or the bacterial virulence is strong, such as the urethral mucosa and the ability to upstream, it is easy to invade the bladder and kidneys and cause infection.

4: Hematogenous infections: Hematogenous infections are more common in newborns, or hematogenous kidney infections in patients with S. aureus sepsis.

5: Ascending infection: Urine sensation is caused by ascending infection.

When the body’s resistance is reduced or the urethral mucosa is slightly damaged, or the bacterial virulence is strong, such as the urethral mucosa and the ability to upstream, it is easy to invade the bladder and kidneys and cause infection.

6: Because male friends are busy at work, they pay little attention to personal hygiene, especially local hygiene. It causes bacteria to invade the male reproductive organs, which leads to urinary tract infections in male friends due to inflammation.

All of the above are the causes of urinary tract infections. Only by avoiding these situations will you not develop urinary tract infections. In addition, it reminds male friends that they must not hold their urine for too long when they work or play games.Time, because continuous urination will not only hurt your kidneys, but also cause some damage to the urinary system. It will also cause symptoms of urinary system infection.

[Can I put pears in millet porridge]_Add pears_OK

[Can I put pears in millet porridge]_Add pears_OK

Many people now like to eat some light food for breakfast, especially those who want to regulate their body through diet, will add other ingredients to some foods.

Millet porridge needs to be cooked slowly. Some people who have a slight cough want to know if pears can be put in millet porridge.

People often eat pears to alleviate the symptoms of cough, and pears also have the effect of clearing heat and promoting appetite.

First, can millet porridge and pear be eaten together?

Pear millet porridge can promote appetite, diuretic, laxative and antipyretic.

Second, the method of pear millet porridge Step 1, Ingredients: Millet porridge 10,000 Other ingredients: 1 pear, water 2, method step 1).

Wash and peel the pears and cut into small pieces.


Put the cut pears in the pot.


Pour in millet porridge.

After boiling for another 5 minutes, turn off the heat.

For a while.


Pear millet porridge is ready.

Third, how to cook Xiaomi porridge1.

Huaishan millet porridge Huai yam 40 grams (fresh product about 100 grams), millet 50 grams, the amount of white sugar.

Wash mashed or sliced yam, cook with millet for porridge, add sugar and mix well after cooking.


Brown sugar millet porridge millet 150 grams, red dates 5-10, crushed peanut style, melon seeds, 10 grams of brown sugar.

Prepare the ingredients: millet, red dates, brown sugar and nuts.

Nuts can be added whole or chopped.

Millet was washed and washed, put it into the soup pot and soak with water for about 30 minutes, washed the red dates, pitted them, and chopped the red dates meat for later use.

Take the soup pot, pour the right amount of water, add millet after boiling, turn to low heat and slowly cook, add crushed red dates when the millet grains bloom, continue to cook after mixing evenly, add brown sugar and peanuts after the red dates are rottenMix well and cook for a few minutes before turning off the heat.


Pumpkin millet porridge millet, pumpkin, sugar.

Wash the millet, cut the pumpkin into small pieces; cook the pumpkin for 10 minutes, and then millet; cook until uniform.

It needs to be stirred from time to time to avoid mashing the pot.

Cook immediately and add sugar to taste.


Peanut millet porridge millet 50 grams, peanut kernels 50 grams, red beans 30 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, rock sugar.

Soak millet, peanut kernels, and red beans in water for 4 hours, then rinse them and set aside.

Put a proper amount of water into the pot, add peanut kernels, and boil the red adzuki beans, then cook over low heat for 30 minutes.

Add millet, cook until the rice is rotten, peanut kernels, red beans are soft, then add rock sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar.


Mung bean millet porridge 50g, millet 50g, rice 50g, sticky rice 50g.

Wash the mung beans and soak them for more than 2 hours. Wash the millet, rice and sticky rice together.

Put all ingredients into the pot, add at least 1000ml of water, boil on high heat, and simmer for 40 minutes.
Stir once every 10 minutes to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan.
Turn off the heat and suffocate for about 10 minutes, stir well with a spoon and serve.

[How to make kyosho pork noodles]_Homemade way of kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles

[How to make kyosho pork noodles]_Homemade way of kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles

What will you do if you get married or have the other half if you leave early?

At this time, if you can go to the kitchen to prepare a hearty dinner for your loved one, he will definitely be moved and your feelings will definitely be sublimated.

Well, now I will teach you the detailed methods of Beijing sauce pork noodles.


1 Jing sauce pork shredded noodles-side dishes, Xin He Douban sauce, lean meat.


212 Beijing sauce pork noodle ingredients — corn hand-rolled noodles.


Cut lean meat into shreds.


Cut the lean meat into cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, water starch, and 2 drops of oil to marinate.


1 Add wok pepper, aniseed, and fragrant leaves to fry the hot oil in the wok.


2 Cucumbers, shallots, carrots, fungus, white fungus, and shredded in cold water.


Add shredded pork and stir-fry. After the shredded pork is cooked, add reconstituted raw soy sauce and stir-fry.


Add wok ginger and shredded pork to a frying pan.


Then add the right sauce (mix the sauce with the seasoning water before stirring) and stir fry.


After the sauce is fragrant, add shredded pork and sugar and stir-fry.


Put the cooked sauce out of the pot and set aside.

Open the water in the pot and roll out the noodles. After cooking, remove them and put them in cold water.


Remove the water-controlling noodles and place in a bowl.


Putting shredded vegetables on the noodles.


Put the fried pork shredded soy sauce in the middle of a vegetable bowl and make the pork noodle soup with colorful sauce.

You may not have done this before, but now that you have read the brief introduction to the practice of Jing Sauce Pork Noodles, you can try it yourself to cultivate interest and feelings.

[What are the benefits of eating mulberry fruit?]

[What are the benefits of eating mulberry fruit?

】 _Strength_Efficacy

Mulberry, also called mulberry, is a very common plant. People often see mulberry as a crop in life because it is an essential material in people’s production and life, which improves people’s living standards and makes use of mulberryIt is also getting higher and higher. The fruit picked by mulberry is a very good nutritious food. Let ‘s take a look at the benefits of eating mulberry.

Mulberry is MorusalbaL.

Ripe aggregated fruit, also known as mulberry fruit, can be eaten raw or processed in pulp, beverages.

As early as 2000 years ago, mulberry was a tonic used by the Chinese emperor.

Due to the special growth environment of the mulberry tree, the mulberry fruit has the characteristics of natural growth without any pollution, so the mulberry is also called “folk sacred fruit”.

It is rich in active proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carotene, minerals, glucose, sucrose, fructose, raw materials, malic acid, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, C, nicotinic acid and other nutrients. Apple’s nutrition is 5?
6 times, 4 times that of grapes, has a variety of effects, known as “the best health fruit in the 21st century” by the medical community.

Eating often can significantly improve the body’s immunity, and has the effects of delaying aging and beauty.

Efficacy: It can improve the blood supply of the skin (including the scalp), nourish the skin, make the skin white and tender and black hair, and can delay aging.

Mulberry is a good health and anti-aging medicine for middle-aged and elderly people.

Regular consumption of mulberry can improve eyesight and relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue and dryness.

Mulberry has an immune-promoting effect.

Mulberry has a weight-increasing effect on the spleen and an enhanced hemolytic response, which can prevent arteriosclerosis, sclerosis of bones and joints, and promote metabolism; mulberry can promote the growth of red blood cells and prevent leukopenia, thereby treating diabetes, anemia, hypertension,Hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, neurasthenia and other complications have auxiliary effects.

Mulberry has the effects of promoting hydration and quenching thirst, promoting digestion, and helping defecation. Moderate consumption can promote gastric secretion, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and relieve dryness.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mulberry has a sweet and cold taste, and has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, invigorating the intestines and moisturizing the intestines, and black invention.

Suitable for crowds: Generally suitable for adults.

It is suitable for women, middle-aged and elderly people and those with excessive eye use.

Yoga weight loss action, house woman relaxed partial thin

Yoga weight loss action, house woman relaxed partial thin

First, lift the legs to lose weight focus: abdomen, raise the legs and thin belly hips action: sit on the stairs (bedside, hard chair side), feet apart on the ground, grab the edge of the stairs, lift the legs and chest height.

Keep your posture and put your feet together.

Put down your feet and return to the starting position.

Repeat 5?
10 times.

Second, the arch bridge weight loss focus: arm, abdomen, front, leg arch bridge yoga thin limbs movements: prone, back tight, support the body with the forearm and toenail, and make the back with a straight line.

B lifts the top up, causing the body to be inverted V-shaped with the head between the two.

Keep your posture relaxed.

Slowly return to action A.

Repeat 5-10 times.

Third, press down weight loss focus: waist, abdominal pressure yoga thin waist action: face down, kneeling on the bench (bed edge), left foot on the ground, left toe and shoulder on a vertical line, backwardStretch your right leg, chest, and support your body with your hands.

Fourth, reverse weight loss focus: abdomen, back twist yoga thin belly back movement: sitting posture.

Lift the lower jaw, stretch the tension, and twist to the left and right sides.

2 minutes per group.

You can also do this: standing, feet with shoulder width, zoom out, at the intersection, the right hand touches the left shoulder, the left hand touches the right shoulder, abdomen, twists the torso, rests for 5 seconds, returns to the center position, to the otherOne side is twisted.

Do 5-10 times.

Five, Cobra-style weight loss focus: waist, abdomen cobra-style thin waist action: face down, kneeling on the bench (bed edge), left foot on the ground, left toe and shoulder on a vertical line, extending backwardsRight leg, chest, hands raised version: lift up the right leg, while using your right hand to go back to the right leg, grab the right cross joint for 5 seconds, put the right leg down to the starting position, exchange repeat 5-10Times.
Six, T-shaped weight loss focus: abdomen, buttocks, thighs behind the t-shaped yoga thin thigh movements: feet close together change, slowly from the forward tilting and bending the body, two fingers pointed to the ground.

Raise the left leg backwards.

If you feel fearful, you can bend your right knee slightly.

Keep the number of postures to 5, lower your left leg and change your right leg.

Repeat 5-10 times.

练气功除减肥外 还有护肤功效

练气功除减肥外 还有护肤功效
练气首重气血顺畅  气功,是中国传统的一种养生术。养生注重“气血循环”,因此,一切必须从源头开始,先做好“气”的循环,再进行“血”的循环。  大地有天气和地气、大自然有空气、人有人气,要掌握好自己的人气其实很简单,只要一吸一呼符合健康原理,遵循细、慢、长、匀的原则,当呼吸方式越细、越慢、越长,相对就会变得均匀,进而让自己觉得身体很舒服。  一旦达到这样的呼吸状态,身体循环会变得井然有序,心绪也能更加心平气和,行事自然就能够顺水推舟、水到渠成,因此,对身体来说,每一次呼吸都是非常重要的。  中医专家指出,气功之“练气”,可以让人修身养性,改变脾气,帮助身体吸取好的、排掉不好的;透过正确的呼吸,除了能够将体内不好的东西排除,也能够排掉脂肪,达到减重目的,因此,气功既可以健身,也可以健美,是一种全方位的最佳减重法。  练气功除减肥外,还有护肤功效  气功是一种健康又省钱的减重方法,随时随地都可以利用“深呼吸”来减肥,将身上多余脂肪排除。不过,健康减重,不光只是排出脂肪,如何让皮肤有光泽、有弹性、有生命力,才是减重的最重要目的。  修习正统的气功,持之以恒,再搭配适当饮食,能让减重效果显而易见。在简单的一呼一吸之间,可以提供人们最好的血液循环、最佳身心平衡、最深的涵养元气及排出体内秽气,经由这四大功效,可以将体内脂肪燃烧完全,也能够让人由里到外,散发最明亮的光彩。  现代人追求时尚,只要看到新的减肥方法,就会进一步想要尝试。其实,减重并非一定要达到几公斤的目标,而是调养到适合自己的体质,若是能够将身材保持在符合自己的体重质范围内,就能够让肌肤紧致、精神饱满,由内而外散发光彩,给人越看越舒服的感觉。  (1)力的大小  太极拳把这种力叫“劲力”,是太极拳演练中的一种特殊的活力,这种活力就是“掤劲”。掤劲在太极拳演练中无所不在,所以太极拳称为“掤劲拳”,太极拳就是由八门劲(掤劲、扌履 劲、挤劲、按劲、采劲、挒劲、肘劲、靠劲)构成。八门劲主要练的是掤劲,掤劲是一种绵软不断的“弹簧劲”,而这种弹性劲不是人身固有的劲,要练出这种“弹性劲”,必须摧毁自身旧有的僵劲,旧劲不去,新劲不生。  所以拳论说:“运动如百炼钢,何坚不催”。掤劲生于弹性,弹性则生于身肢放长,并在行拳过程中做到“毋使有缺陷处,毋使有凹凸处,毋使有断续处”。而做到这些的前提,是神聚气敛,才能加强掤劲的内在因素,才能做到连绵不断、节节贯穿,从而提高劲力的作用效果。  (2)力的方向  在太极拳中就是运动的方向和方位。历代太极拳大师在盘拳过程中十分注意方向和方位。在盘拳时不可横抹、竖直,要走弧线,这是太极拳特性所决定的,如何将太极拳盘得圆活,走出弧线,并方位正确?太极拳先贤们都十分重视。太极拳讲究“八门五步十三势”。“八门”即北、东、西、南、东北、东南、西北、西南。“五步”为前进、后退、左顾、右盼、中定。十三势是太极拳的方向方位。太极拳大师杨禹廷为使学生将太极拳盘圆活,更好地理解太极拳的方向方位,创编了“八门线”,并被公认为布局周密、照顾全面、合理利用空间最好的拳艺功法。  何谓“八方线”?八方线是将八角平面的八卦太极图以圆线连接起来,画成一个360°的圆形图,练拳人所在的位置便是“八方线”的中心,一只脚不动作为轴心,另一只脚围绕轴心画一圆环,行拳时手脚不离八方线,这样练拳就有章可循。盘拳的过程,是上下左右循弧线行拳修炼的过程,也是将拳走圆的过程。八方线是太极拳的重要拳法,遵循这一拳法,就可以登堂入室走进太极之门。天长日久,拳架规范,方位准确,练拳一日,技精一日。

Is the vegetarian diet yellow and thin?

Is the vegetarian diet yellow and thin?

The study found that vegetarians’ blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are healthier than non-vegetarians, and vegetarians also rule out factors such as anemia and malnutrition.

  In the public health discipline of Kaohsiung Medical College in Taiwan, a special study was conducted in the 1980s – “the blood pressure of vegetarians.”

The study is based on the monks and nuns in the Buddhist temple registered with the government.

From Kaohsiung to Hsinchu, a total of 700 people were selected as subjects.

In the other group, systematic sampling, picking up more than 40 years old, non-vegetarian population of 5,000 people, according to their gender, age, height, weight ratio, and the experimental group pairing to control.

  The results of the study showed that the average blood pressure of non-vegetarian men from 40 to 70 years old was 134.

1, the minimum is 82.

6; females up to 134.

4, the lowest 81.


From 29 to 70 years old vegetarian men, the highest blood pressure is 124.

3, the lowest 77.


  The results show that the longer the number of vegetarian diets, the lower the proportion of blood pressure increases.

Another aspect of the study showed that the blood pressure of vegetarians and non-vegetarians was higher than that of the annual regression line, and the blood pressure increased with age.

But the study pointed out that the longer the vegetarian diet lasts, the smaller the increase in blood pressure due to age.

  The degree of influence of basic vegetarian diet on the human body has also been investigated by Professor Chen Ruisan of National Taiwan University Hospital.

He spent more than two years in all 49 seats across the Taiwanese, conducting site inspections and blood analysis for 249 monks; and selecting 1057 non-vegetarians and samples of people with hypertension or atherosclerosis., as a test.

From the research report published by Professor Chen, people have come to the following assumptions: 1.

Vegetarian plasma vitamins.

  Excessive plasma deposition makes it easy for the wall to become thicker or harder, and hypertension or hardening of the arteries.

According to the survey results, the average cholesterol of vegetarians was 158 mg, and the average of non-vegetarians was 180 mg.


Non-vegetarian eye retina hardening is more common.

  According to the test results, 16% of vegetarians have retinal hardening of the fundus, and non-vegetarian hardening ratio is as high as 40%.


Vegetarian food does not cause anemia.

  Of the 249 monks, only 5 were suffering from anemia, but 5 were not a factor of food and anemia, but actually caused by dialysis or parasites.


Vegetarians are not malnourished.

  Professor Chen’s blood protein identification in vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources found that the average number of non-vegetarians was 6.

1 to 11 grams; for vegetarians it is 6.

6 to 8.

8 grams.

Testing with the latest instrument “Electrical Flow Method” also confirmed that the vegetarian blood protein is completely normal and more stable and stable than non-vegetarians.

  Another health expert from Taiwan, Dr. Wang Hemin, advised vegetarians: “Dark green vegetables, such as spinach, mustard, cabbage, and radish, are the main sources of calcium and vitamin B2, and vegetarians should choose more food.

However, the above vegetables do not contain vitamin B12. Therefore, if they can be supplemented with vitamin B12 soy, they can get the same nutrition as milk without worrying about the nutritional imbalance of vegetarian diet.

Irregular menstrual self-massage

Irregular menstrual self-massage

Irregular menstruation is a common name for women’s menstrual disease, which refers to the cycle of menstruation, color, menstruation, and quality.

Including menstruation in advance, after the wrong or irregular, excessive menstruation, too little or amenorrhea.

  There are many reasons for irregular menstruation, such as mental factors, overwork, changes in lifestyle, dietary changes, environmental changes, cold stimulation, and the use of hormones.

Chinese medicine believes that the disease is closely related to the kidney, liver and spleen, and it is related to the dysfunction of the organs and the qi and blood disorders.


Prepare the flat bed, double eyes closed, breathe evenly, the left palm overlaps the back of the right hand, gently put the right palm on the lower abdomen, and lie for 1-3 minutes.


The lower left palm of the group is placed on the back of the right hand, and the palm of the right hand is placed on the lower abdomen. The clock force is applied clockwise and counterclockwise for 1-3 minutes. It is better to heat the skin.

  Efficacy: Yiqi aphrodisiac, traffic heart and kidney.


The left palm of the group is placed on the back of the right hand, and the palm of the right hand is placed under the navel. The force is applied clockwise around the umbilical group for 1-3 minutes, and the abdominal fever is better.

  Efficacy: warming and dispelling cold, conditioning blood.


揉 Press the right hand and half of the Guanyuan point to make a fist, and straighten your thumb. Place your thumb on the Guanyuan point and press 0 with appropriate force.

5-1 minutes.

  Efficacy: nourish liver and kidney, regulate menstruation and relieve pain.


Rub the waist and put the palms of your hands on the lumbosacral doubles, and rub the lumps from the top down.

For 5-1 minutes, it is better to have lumbar fever.

  Efficacy: strong waist and strong kidney, blood circulation and collaterals.


Press the Shenshu point with both hands on the hips, press the thumb on the same side of the Shenshu point, and the other four fingers attached to the waist, press the appropriate force to press 0.

5-1 minutes.
  Efficacy: warming kidney yang, strong waist and strong bones.


According to the foot of Sanli, the index finger and the middle finger are overlapped. The middle finger is placed on the same side of the Zusanli, and the force is pressed 揉0.

5-1 minutes.
The lower limbs alternate.

  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, reconcile qi and blood.


Put the palm of your hand on the blood hole of the same side, and press 0 as appropriate.

5-1 minutes.
The lower limbs alternate.
  Efficacy: blood circulation, relieving pain.

  Massage should be stopped during menstruation.

Pay attention to menstrual hygiene, avoiding sex, bathing, swimming, etc.

Make sure you have enough sleep and keep your spirits happy.

  Women who have irregular menstruation can try it out according to the above massage method, and may have a good effect.

: The classic wisdom story of educational think tanks

: The classic wisdom story of educational think tanks

Small stories often contain great wisdom, and good at discovery can make us gain something.

What kind of philosophies are there in the classic wisdom stories to be mentioned below?

Let us open the education think tank and share it together.

  Success with a small branch of a tree, it can fly tens of thousands of miles, flying over the Pacific Ocean, and it needs only a small branch.

In flight, it connects the branches in the mouth. When it is tired, it throws the branches on the water, then flies down on the branches and rests for a while. When hungry, it stands on the section and catches the fish, trapping it.Sleep on the branch.

Who can think that the bird successfully flew over the Pacific Ocean, relying on a simple branch!

  If the birdie is not a branch, but a bird’s nest, food and other supplies needed for the journey, all the ancient brains are brought to the body, can the bird still fly?

  [Educational Think Tank]: What is the broad ocean of a person’s life?

What kind of segmentation branch is needed in the process of flying?

  Is this branch a knowledge point?


Is it a diploma or degree?

Nor is it.

Is it a score?

Not even more.

These things help them fly for a while, but they can’t fly for too long.

  In my mind, the branch is appropriate to be an optimistic and never-going mentality. It guarantees that students will fly through the ocean of life. It is also enough for every student who is most worthy of teaching him when he graduates from school.
  Death suggests that there is a black youth in African Colombia who is a friend at home, and a friend prepares a pheasant for breakfast.

The black youth tribes are forbidden to eat pheasants. He asks friends if they are pheasants early.

A friend answered, not a pheasant.

The black youth enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

A few years later, the two of them met again.

The friend asked him if he wanted to eat pheasants. The young man replied that it was impossible because the wizard solemnly warned him that he would never eat pheasants.

The friend listened and laughed, then told him that it was the pheasant that breakfast.

Who knows that the youth immediately trembled and died in less than 24 hours.

  Regarding the reason for suggesting death, some people have explained physiologically that extreme fear is similar to the physiological response caused by extreme anger, which increases the adrenaline and reduces the blood supply to certain parts of the body.

As the blood supply is reduced, the oxygen transported by the red blood cells is correspondingly reduced. If the capillaries are deprived of oxygen, the plasma will easily penetrate into the tissues surrounding the blood vessels.

If the state of fear or anger persists for a long time, the blood circulation of the whole body will decrease.

This lowers blood pressure, which leads to a vicious circle: lower blood pressure can seriously affect the function of the organs responsible for maintaining blood circulation, so blood flow is reduced, blood pressure is lowered, and let it develop and become fatal.