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[Chestnut and Radish Ribs Soup]_ carrot soup _ how to make

[Chestnut and Radish Ribs Soup]_ carrot soup _ how to make

Many people always find it difficult to make pork rib soup, because it takes a long time to stew, it is very greasy after stewing, and there is absolutely no flavor filling. These problems occur because they have not selected the right method for making pork rib soup.This is why the ribs soup encounters these problems. In fact, the better way to make ribs soup is to add chestnuts and radishes, which are more common now, so that they can be absorbed without being greasy and become more delicious.

Ingredients chestnuts 250 radish a small tube of bone 300 supplementary materials salt chestnut radish ribs soup practice step 1.

Choosing good ingredients, this radish is too cute, here is an approximate 2.

Cook the bones with ginger slices and cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

The radish is poured in the most intense place, followed by chestnuts, and finally the bones of the tube are filled with water without ingredients. (If the conditions are good in the home, you can use buckets of pure water), then the smart rice cooker stews in the pressure cooker.Radish ribs soup ingredients a pound of ribs, a radish, a piece of ginger, salt, chicken essence.

The ribs are washed and drained, and the water is poured into a boiling water pot. This water should be discarded. Put another pot of cold water into the ginger slices, ribs, and drip into the vinegar cover to boil the pressure valve for about 20 minutes. At this time, you shouldCan smell the fragrance.


Wash and cut the radish and put it in the stewed pork rib soup and boil over high heat.


Cover and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes until the radishes are cooked. Add some salt and chicken essence to the pan.

Brazilian mushroom, radish and pork rib soup ingredients White radish 2 Brazilian mushrooms 8-10 pork chops 1 (market) ginger slices 8-10 slices rice wine up to taste sautéed moderate amount of pigs into the bottom of the pot, white radish cut into piecesOn the top of the small row, add 8-10 slices of ginger, add the rice wine above, and add two cups of water in the outer pot with the amount of water that has overflowed the ingredients.Open another pot on the stove, let it cool and add the Brazilian mushrooms and cook (the uncle who sells the mushrooms wants to cook the mushrooms in cold water!

) After the Brazilian mushrooms are boiled and boiled, they should be picked up and used by the side. The Brazilian mushrooms will not taste crispy after being cooked for a long time. After the Brazilian mushrooms are picked up, pour the fresh radish rib soup into the gas stove and cook.After seasoning the radish and pork rib soup, add the Brazilian mushroom just added, and then you can turn off the fire!

[Can lemon cure oral ulcers?]

[Can lemon cure oral ulcers?]

There are many causes of oral ulcers. One of the important reasons is the lack of vitamin c in the body, so eating a little lemon usually has a certain effect on treating and preventing oral ulcers. In addition, it can also be treated by vitamin c tablets.Diet in life can also help treat oral ulcers. Some say tomatoes, pears, etc. are hydrated and supplement vitamins. Let’s take a look at this.

Can lemon cure oral ulcers?

Mouth ulcers are mostly caused by fire or lack of VC, and lemonade has the effect of supplementing VC and eliminating fire, so it has a certain auxiliary effect on oral ulcers, and is safe and reliable.

Often easy oral ulcers may be related to factors such as vitamin deficiency, excessive stress, and yin deficiency and fire.

Lemon juice can be taken. In addition, topical vitamin C tablets.

Food can help you to treat oral ulcers1.

Contains a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin K, can promote the recovery of ulcer surface; contained B vitamins and trace elements, can promote oral mucosal epithelial repair.

At the same time, the precipitated fibers caused by entrails have the functions of intestinal laxative, nourishing yin and clearing heat, clearing stomach and reducing fire, and are effective in treating oral ulcers.

2. Tomatoes have the effect of strengthening the stomach and digesting food, and treating the loss of appetite, which may be related to the malic acid and citric acid they contain. These two ingredients can stimulate appetite, promote gastric acid secretion, help digestion, and enhance the absorption function of metabolism.

People who have poor digestive function or eat more greasy and greasy foods, it is good to eat tomatoes after meals.

Tomatoes also contain tomatine. Animal experiments have shown that it can significantly reduce the increase in capillary permeability caused by histamine and has anti-inflammatory effects.

In addition, tomatoes are also rich in riboflavin, ascorbic acid, vitamin A, vitamin K, etc., which is good for bleeding gums and oral ulcers.

3, pear vitamin B, more water, eat a moderate amount can effectively prevent and treat various symptoms of anger.

Regardless of whether you have high blood pressure oral ulcers or stomach ulcers, you should eat more foods that can promote the recovery of ulcers during your illness. Pears are the best choice.

4. Persimmon is a food we often eat in our life. It is rich in sucrose, glucose, fructose, vitamin C, citrulline, iodine and other substances, which can effectively treat oral ulcers.

Persimmon’s signature nutrients are very rich. Compared with apples, except for zinc and copper, which are higher in apples than persimmons, other ingredients are persimmons with advantages.

[Does eating freshwater crayfish cause gout?

】 _Initiate gout_affect

[Does eating freshwater crayfish cause gout?
】 _Initiate gout_affect

Crayfish is more common in life. It is also a food we often eat at the table. It is tender and delicious, and tastes particularly good. In addition, crawfish is rich in protein and is a low-living food.

However, some people are more concerned about gout eating crayfish, and gout is mainly caused by purine metabolism disorders, a type of arthritis, crayfish is rich in purines, so it is best not to eat.

What is gout? Gout is a disorder caused by purine metabolism. It can cause uric acid accumulation and is a type of arthritis.

Patients with gout are advised not to eat crayfish, or to eat less crayfish. Never use lobster with beer.

Does eating crayfish cause gout? Doctors say that eating lobster cannot be paired with beer. This has been said for many years, and some people can’t remember it.

Every year when crayfish are marketed intensively, a period of high gout will occur, which is 20-30% higher than usual.

Some young people feel that they are young and okay, but they still win.

Why can’t beer be paired with crayfish?

Because crayfish is a high-protein, low-faecal food, rich in purine nucleotides, and beer can break down purine nucleotides, resulting in a chemical reaction that leads to an increase in blood uric acid.Crystals deposit into the joints and cause gout.

In some human examinations, blood uric acid is already high, and eating crawfish with beer will cause gout.

Therefore, doctors suggest that people with gout should drink plenty of water, drink at least 2000 ml of water a day, 4 bottles of ordinary mineral water to prevent blood concentration, and eat less high-purity food such as animal fats, shelled seafood, and fish skin.

Crayfish is high in purine content. Eating gout is high in protein, but the purine content is also very high. The purine content per 100 grams of crayfish is about 60 mg. The purity and purity of saury per 100 grams is 134.

9 mg, 316 mg for clams and 554 mg for beef liver.

Although 100 grams of crayfish are high in purity and do not eat seafood and animal livers, people who eat crayfish are often easy to eat a lot and supplement a large amount of purine at one time.

Beer and crayfish are high-purity foods that are large enough to easily cause gout arthritis.

Therefore, when eating crayfish, it is best to control it within 150 grams at a time, and it cannot be paired with beer.

People with allergic constitutions who eat crayfish can cause ulcers, urticaria, allergic dermatitis, eczema, acne, bloating, and induce or aggravate skin diseases.

Crayfish can also cause heterogeneous protein reactions, so patients with hepatitis, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease, gastroenteritis, and gout should not eat more.

In addition, crayfish are generally cooked with spicy foods. Those with internal heat should not eat more. Patients with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, constipation, sore throat, or oral ulcers should pay special attention.

Crayfish also avoid eating with certain fruits.

Because crayfish are rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium, if you eat them with fruits with high acidity, such as grapes, pomegranates, hawthorns, and persimmons, it will reduce the nutritional value of protein many times.Calcium ions bind to form insoluble conjugates to stimulate the stomach and intestines, causing discomfort to the body, symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Crayfish should be eaten with these fruits at least 2 hours apart.

How is crayfish safe to eat?

1. Dead shrimp can’t eat foods with high temperature in summer, and they are most likely to spoil. Crayfish are high-protein foods, and they may contain parasites. They decay and degenerate after death, and may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain after eating.

Dead shrimp have an empty shell when peeled, the meat is not full and it is soft and inelastic.

2. Clean the crayfish and buy it. It is best to keep it in clean water for 24 hours. During the period, change the water continuously until the water becomes clear. The crayfish is best washed with a brush.Cut it off, and it’s best to remove it on the right side before cooking.

3, cooking methods Crayfish must be cooked thoroughly, not raw or eat undercooked crayfish.

Cooking crayfish requires a temperature of 100 ° C or higher for 10 minutes. It is best to cook for 10 minutes before frying.

4, moderate consumption of crayfish should be moderate, not too much at one time.

Crayfish is a high-protein food. People who are allergic to seafood or have allergic diseases should eat it with caution, and people with gout should not eat it.

[Stocking milk tea practice]_Stocking milk tea_How to do_How to do

[Stocking milk tea practice]_Stocking milk tea_How to do_How to do

Many people prefer milk tea, especially when they are casual, when a few friends go shopping, milk tea can become the most casual drink, and stocking milk tea is a favorite drink of many people, so now we come to know itway of doing.

1. Stocking milk tea material: base tea for milk tea; 350 ml; milk 1 ml; fructose method 1.

Add fructose to the Xueke cup, and pour the bottom black tea for milk tea until it is full.


Cover with shells and shake well.


Filter into a finished cup after filtering through a stocking filter bag.


Finally, the production of milk is completed.

Second, Nestle Milk Tea 1.

The tea is boiled, (I have selected Ceylon black tea, which tastes very good.

) After the red indicator button jumps off, turn it on again and repeat several times.


The teapot is raised and the tea leaves are filtered with a filter cloth.

Pour the boiled tea soup into the milk tea cup with the light milk and milk and the right amount of caster sugar, and mix thoroughly with a stir bar.


Finally, you can add sugar to taste or boiled sago according to your taste.

Third, Hong Kong-style red tea 1.
Boil water to a boiling state: (Teapot with short mouth and 120g of mixed tea powder, such as 120g of another brand of tea.

The corresponding amount of water is: 2600ml add water to the second row of three holes from the top to the bottom;
After the water has boiled, put the tea powder in the tea bag, make it once, and then cook it for 2 to 5 minutes (medium heat) for about 3-5 minutes.Time; 3.
Rush three or four times; turn off Xiaohuo to 1st gear (small fire) for about 3-5 minutes until the tea flavor is not strong (according to the actual situation, grasp the length of time) 4.
Finally, hedge again, and squeeze the tea bag to squeeze out the tea soup.

Specific production mix: Hong Kong-style milk tea: black and white evaporated milk, the ratio of tea soup is generally 1: 3 (adjustable according to taste) For example: 50ml milk + tea soup 150ml + (about 10g) sugar (usually 200ml milk tea plus 10gsugar)

[Does eating watermelon affect blood sugar?

[Does eating watermelon affect blood sugar?

As the weather gradually heats up, the variety of watermelon stalls has become the hottest business. Nowadays, not only do you like to drink watermelon in summer, but many people like drinking water, but you are thirsty and do n’t want to drink water. You can eat more watermelons.To achieve the effect of soothing the throat, but many patients with high blood sugar, hypertension and diabetes are afraid to eat watermelon. Can watermelon be eaten for these patients with diabetes?

Demystified: How big is the effect of glycemic index on blood sugar? Watermelon is a healthy food, which mainly contains fructose and water, as well as unsaturated fruit acids and other trace elements. In Chinese medicine, watermelon also has fire, expectorant, lungs, andWill wait for effects.

People with diabetes refuse to eat watermelon simply because watermelon has a high glycemic index.

Medically, foods with a glycemic index lower than 55 increase slowly, while foods with a glycemic index higher than 70 increase blood glucose faster, while food between the two increases the index speed in general.

The watermelon has a glycemic index of 72, which is a high glycemic index food. Does it mean that it must not be eaten?

In fact, in addition to the postprandial blood glucose level and glucose index of glucose, but also closely related to the glucose content of food.

Foods with a high glycemic index have little effect on blood sugar if the glucose content is low.

In 1997, American scholars combined the quantity and quality of glucose with blood glucose load. This value can reflect the impact of a certain weight of food on human blood glucose.

Take watermelon as an example. When you eat two or two watermelons, the food blood sugar load is 4, which has little effect on blood sugar; while when you eat one pound of watermelon, the food blood sugar load rises to 20, which has an effect on blood sugar.

A balanced diet can help to increase the resistance of sugar buddies. Whether you eat staple foods, non-staple food or fruits, nutritional needs of the body. Balanced nutritional supplements can strengthen the body’s resistance and better improve the quality of life of people with diabetes.

Excessive nutrition is not conducive to blood sugar control, and it is not conducive to weight loss in patients with high blood sugar. Malnutrition has a certain impact on blood sugar control.

Therefore, the nutritional distribution of patients with high blood sugar is particularly scientific and reasonable.

Diabetics need to strictly control the amount of carbohydrates eaten every day. If you eat watermelon multiple times a day, you should reduce the amount of staple food accordingly to avoid aggravating the disease.

Diabetes experts suggest that people with diabetes can eat watermelon from 10 am to 11 am, from 3 pm to 4 pm, or from 8 pm to 9 pm, but 25 grams of staple food should be lost for every 500 grams of watermelon.

Even if this is not the case, you should not eat unlimited amounts. It is best not to consume more than 200 grams of watermelon a day for people with diabetes.

[Kind of single product coffee]_classification_variety

[Kind of single product coffee]_classification_variety

Brazilian coffee: There are many types of coffee in Brazil.

Most coffees have moderate acidity.

Its bitterness and alcohol are neutral, moderate in concentration, smooth and special in taste. It is the best blended bean and is called coffee.

Backbone, the type of single-item coffee, and the single-item taste is also good. Colombian coffee: Produced in Colombia, roasted coffee beans will release a sweet aroma.

They have a benign taste of acid, medium acid.

Due to the proper strength, it is commonly used in premium blend coffee.

Common types of single-product coffee: Brazilian coffee: There are many types of Brazilian coffee. Most coffees have moderate acidity. The sweet, bitter, and mellow flavors are neutral, moderate in concentration, smooth and special.Beans, known as the backbone of coffee, also have a good alternative flavor.

Colombian coffee: Produced in Colombia, roasted coffee beans will release a sweet flavor, with the benign characteristics of sweetness in acid and bitterness, and are often used in higher mixed coffee because of the appropriate concentration.

Mocha coffee: produced in Yemen.

Beans are small and fragrant, with strong acidity, moderate sweetness and special flavor.

The washed coffee beans are well-known high-quality coffee, which are usually blended with a single product.

Mantening coffee: Produced in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is called the most full-grained coffee bean. It has a very strong aroma, a spicy bitterness, and a syrupy taste.Alcohol is a favorite variety of Germans, and most coffee lovers taste it individually.

It is also an indispensable variety for blending coffee.

Java coffee: Java in Indonesia occupies an extremely important part of coffee history.

At present, it is also the major producer of Roberta coffee in the world, and its small amount of Arabica coffee has excellent quality.

Java produces exquisite aromatic coffee with relative acidity, fine taste and good balance.

Costa Rican coffee: High-quality Costa Rican coffee is called “extra hard beans” and it can grow at altitudes above 1500 meters.

Its graininess is very good, smooth and neat, high grade and excellent flavor.

Local per capita coffee consumption is double that of Italy or the United States.

Kenyan coffee: Kenyan coffee contains every feeling we want from a good cup of coffee.

It has a wonderful, satisfying aroma, well-balanced and delicious acidity, uniform granules and excellent fruit flavor.

It is one of the varieties that the highest people generally like.

Cuban coffee: Cuban coffee has moderate granules, sour taste, special flavor, and is full of intoxicating tobacco flavor.

[Can vegetables eat bitter]_ bitter taste _ influence

[Can vegetables eat bitter]_ bitter taste _ influence

Many friends often encounter bitter greens when eating greens. For this situation, it is often a problem of greens. Some growers plant the same vegetable multiple times on the same field, or addAnd hormone fertilizers, it may cause bitterness in vegetables.

The bitter greens are also edible, but the taste is relatively poor.

In fact, there are many reasons for the bitterness of vegetables.

For example, some growers grow the same vegetable on the same land several times per year, and they are not properly managed during the planting process.

In addition, in the planting process, in order to pursue high yields, excessive chemical fertilizers, especially excessive nitrogen fertilizers, lead to imbalanced nutrition, so vegetables can also cause bitterness.

In addition, it is also possible that during the planting of vegetables, the soil ‘s acidity or compaction caused the nutritional absorption of the root system of vegetables to be uneven, which would also cause the bitterness of the vegetables, especially those near the roots.

How can we avoid the bitterness of the planted cabbage?

In addition to avoiding continuous cropping, it is also crucial in later management.

For example, when applying fertilizer, more organic fertilizer should be applied to ensure the balance of various nutrients.

If you want to grow the sweetness of the vegetables, you should establish some medium and trace element fertilizers.

You can eat the bitter cabbage, but it just tastes bad.

If you are not used to eating, you can boil the vegetables once with boiling water, then rinse them with cold water before you start cooking.

At the same time, it was opened to chop the parts close to the tonic and not eaten.

In fact, the off-season vegetables have a bitter taste, so they can be eaten.

[Abalone Chicken Hot Pot]_ 涮 火锅 _How to make

[Abalone Chicken Hot Pot]_ 涮 火锅 _How to make

Everyone knows that eating chicken hot pot is very popular recently, that is, after eating chicken, using chicken soup to cook hot pot, this method is very popular, and when we are used to eating big fish and meat, we naturally want to eat some light foodWhen we make the odd hot pot, we can also add some abalone, because the abalone and chicken will be more nutritious. So what is the practice of the abalone chicken hot pot?

Preparation materials: Abalone: 6 chickens, 1 chicken, ginger onion: right amount, cooking wine: right amount, salt: right amount, Zhuhou sauce: right amount, sesame oil: right amount, soy sauce: right amount, raw flour: right amount, broth: 2 largeSpoon, sugar: only a small amount, fuel consumption: only a small amount, method one seasoning: 100 grams of refined oil, 20 grams of MSG, 20 grams of chicken essence, 5 grams of garlic, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of green onions, 20 grams of cooking wine, 4 grams of anise,3 grams white buckle, 2 fragrant fruits, 2 grams cumin, 5 grams pepper, 3000 grams white soup.

Method: Ginger and garlic are washed and cut into 2 mm thick nail slices, and the onion is cut into a “horse ear” shape.

The chicken is slaughtered and depilated, the internal organs, heads, feet, washed, chopped into 7 cm long and 2 cm wide strips, and put in the soup pot to remove the water.

Green bamboo shoots are cut into 7 cm long and 2 cm wide strips, washed and placed in a hot pot pot for later use.

Set a wok on fire and heat with oil.

Add ginger and garlic slices, spring onion, star anise, white buckle, fragrant fruit, cumin, stir-fried chicken, mix with white soup, add MSG, chicken essence, cooking wine, pepper, boil to remove foam.

Pour into a hot pot pot with green bamboo sticks and serve.

Method 2: Main ingredients: 2200g old hen, 150g abalone mushroom, 100g chicken leg mushroom, 50g enoki mushroom, 100g boletus, 100g seafood mushroom, 100g vermicelli, 150g pea seedling, 100g spinach, 150g tofu.

Ingredients: appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of shallot, appropriate amount of olive oil, and appropriate amount of amomum.

Method: The old hen chops a large piece.

Put some olive oil in the pan.

Pour in chicken pieces and stir-fry until the chicken becomes discolored.

Add a large pot of water to boil.

Put the chicken with a little soup in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes (old chicken needs longer stew, you can also use the pressure cooker for a bit).

Add a variety of mushrooms to the chicken soup and cook until 8 is ripe, season with some salt, and add scallion.

Finally, add the pressed chicken nuggets together and cook a little, then it will be ready to open. The dipping sauce will immediately serve the bowl of chicken soup. The ones that like light are the seasoning salt and sesame sauce in the chicken soup. The spicy ones can be added with chili oil.

After eating most of the chicken and mushrooms, you can add pea sprouts, spinach, tofu, and fans to eat.

[How to make kyosho pork noodles]_Homemade way of kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles

[How to make kyosho pork noodles]_Homemade way of kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles_How to make kyosho pork noodles

What will you do if you get married or have the other half if you leave early?

At this time, if you can go to the kitchen to prepare a hearty dinner for your loved one, he will definitely be moved and your feelings will definitely be sublimated.

Well, now I will teach you the detailed methods of Beijing sauce pork noodles.


1 Jing sauce pork shredded noodles-side dishes, Xin He Douban sauce, lean meat.


212 Beijing sauce pork noodle ingredients — corn hand-rolled noodles.


Cut lean meat into shreds.


Cut the lean meat into cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, water starch, and 2 drops of oil to marinate.


1 Add wok pepper, aniseed, and fragrant leaves to fry the hot oil in the wok.


2 Cucumbers, shallots, carrots, fungus, white fungus, and shredded in cold water.


Add shredded pork and stir-fry. After the shredded pork is cooked, add reconstituted raw soy sauce and stir-fry.


Add wok ginger and shredded pork to a frying pan.


Then add the right sauce (mix the sauce with the seasoning water before stirring) and stir fry.


After the sauce is fragrant, add shredded pork and sugar and stir-fry.


Put the cooked sauce out of the pot and set aside.

Open the water in the pot and roll out the noodles. After cooking, remove them and put them in cold water.


Remove the water-controlling noodles and place in a bowl.


Putting shredded vegetables on the noodles.


Put the fried pork shredded soy sauce in the middle of a vegetable bowl and make the pork noodle soup with colorful sauce.

You may not have done this before, but now that you have read the brief introduction to the practice of Jing Sauce Pork Noodles, you can try it yourself to cultivate interest and feelings.