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[How long is the shelf life of soil honey]_ shelf life _ how long

[How long is the shelf life of soil honey]_ shelf life _ how long

If the honey is produced by the manufacturer, the shelf life is generally about two years, and some are canned honey at home. Such honey does not undergo a special vacuum treatment, which does not rule out that it may enter the air, so you must hurry after buying honeyDrink it, even if it is stored, you need to refrigerate it, so as not to cause the temperature and air in it to cause deterioration, or the condition of growing hair, these need special attention.

Honey manufacturers generally set the shelf life of honey at 2 years.

Honey manufacturers generally treat bees, but it must be pointed out that if it is not mature honey or fake and inferior products such as decomposed water, these honeys will ferment and bubble, become sour and deteriorate after long time, and are inedible.

Of course, if the fermentation is not serious, heat in a water bath at about 60 ° C.

It is still edible after 5 hours of treatment, but its nutritional value and effect are worse.

In short, no matter what kind of high-quality mature honey, no matter how long it has been stored, as long as it has not deteriorated, it is edible and will not be harmful to the body.

Only long-term honey and fresh honey are classified, and their nutritional value is slightly worse.

First, regarding the shelf life of honey, the state currently stipulates that the shelf life of bottled honey is 18 months.

However, the bees with high maturity can also maintain quality for many years.

But it is better to eat honey fresh, because fresh honey is generally colored, fragrant, and tastes better.

Honey that has been stored for a long time, once it has not deteriorated, is edible and will not be harmful to the body.

Only long-term honey and fresh honey are classified, and their nutritional value is slightly worse.

Honey cake roll material milk powder 17g water 153g oil 120g low powder 150g egg yolk 9 protein 9 fine sugar 100g honey 25g method A.

Milk powder 17g + water 153g + oil 120gB.

Low powder 150gC.

9 egg yolks + 25gD honey.

Protein 9 E.

100g of granulated sugar (hot noodle method): 1, A is heated until there are small bubbles on the side. If it is too hot, it will not stir, so there are small bubbles on the side, about 70 degrees.

2. After turning off the heat and leaving the furnace, pour the sieved B and mix well.

3. Pour in C and mix well 4. D + E beat to hook hook protein root granulated sugar?
Beat to a small hook with the egg yolk paste and beaten well with the beaten egg?
Avoid spreading white paper on the defoaming baking sheet, and pour the cake paste into the flat?

The cake in the photo is a plate of cake (65 * 45), the ingredients are all multiplied by 2 times 2.

If you use a small baking or middle motor, after baking for 10 minutes, clip a spoon on the door (look at it, if it swells quickly, you need to clip the spoon) 170/110 for 25 minutes, knock out the baking pan, and slice the whole cakeDirectly on the grid, tear the surrounding white newspapers apart.

Cover it with a clean white newspaper and keep it high.

Filling 1.

120g of whipped cream + 12g of powdered sugar

Spread evenly on the cake Notes: 1.

The cake in the photo is a plate of cake (65 * 45), the ingredients are all multiplied by 2 times 2.

If you use a small roaster or a middle motor, after baking for 10 minutes, clip a spoon on the door (look at it, if it swells quickly, you need to clip the spoon). You can share the recipe directly. Please indicate the source of the fresh cream and add some mango puree.

Pass 100 grams of gluten flour, 100 grams of yogurt, 40 grams of honey, 1 egg, and 5 grams of baking powder.

Practice 1.

Pour eggs into a bowl and beat with honey.


Pour in yogurt and mix well.

Mix the flour with baking powder, sieve into the custard, and mix into a uniform scoop.


Preheat electric baking pan, brush with a small amount of oil, 5.

Take an appropriate amount of noodle soup, put it into an electric baking pan, and spread it into a cake shape, 6.
Cover the shells and fry for about three minutes, 7.

Remove the lid, turn over, cover the shell again, and fry for about 2 minutes.


Golden on both sides, baked.

Tips The amount of honey can be increased or decreased according to your own taste and the sweetness of yogurt.

The amount of yogurt needs to be adjusted according to the thickness of the noodles.

The electric baking pan can be replaced with a pan.

[Can children drink ginger brown sugar water?

]_Children_Can you drink

[Can children drink ginger brown sugar water?
]_Children_Can you drink

In winter, because the weather is very cold, women often have palace cold. Women who have palace cold are most likely to have pain during menstruation, and blood clots will appear. For this problem, everyone can cook ginger.Drink brown sugar water, because ginger brown sugar water has a good cold-dispelling effect, can quickly alleviate dysmenorrhea, so can children drink ginger brown sugar water?

Can children drink ginger brown sugar water?
Brown sugar ginger water has many functions and effects, so can children drink it?

It is best not to drink brown sugar and ginger water for children before they reach puberty.

Especially for 0?
For 2-year-old infants and young children, it is not allowed to drink.

Because brown sugar ginger water contains a lot of sugar and ginger, it is easy to irritate the child’s intestines and stomach, causing the child to get angry and stomach ulcers.

Therefore, it is best not to give your baby brown sugar and ginger water.

If your baby suffers from cold and other conditions and needs to drink ginger water to supplement it, do not put brown sugar, because it is too supplementary, but it will affect the child’s growth.

Brown sugar ginger water is a tea with blood circulation and stomach warming. Many women prefer to drink this tea.

Although this kind of tea is delicious and has health care functions, especially some people with cold and cold are more suitable to drink this kind of tea, but not all people are suitable for drinking. So what are the contraindications for children to drink brown sugar and ginger water?

What are the taboos for children to drink brown sugar and ginger water?
It is best not to drink brown sugar and ginger water for children before they reach puberty.
Especially for 0?
For 2-year-old infants and young children, it is not allowed to drink.

Because brown sugar ginger water contains a lot of sugar and ginger, it is easy to irritate the child’s intestines and stomach, causing the child to get angry and stomach ulcers.

Therefore, it is best not to give your baby brown sugar and ginger water.
If your baby suffers from cold and other conditions and needs to drink ginger water to supplement it, do not put brown sugar, because it is too supplementary, but it will affect the child’s growth.
Can children drink brown sugar and ginger water?

1. Brown sugar ginger soup has the effect of expelling cold and warming the stomach, and has a certain effect on removing cold and treating colds. The brown sugar ginger soup is rich in sugar and ginger that stimulates the stomach. It must be noted for the baby.Babies over the age of age can choose to drink brown sugar ginger soup, because this is a folk remedy, do not use this as a daily health care method.

2. People often use brown sugar ginger soup to treat colds, colds, fever, headaches, and nasal congestion. After drinking a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup, patients will sweat after fever in the body, and they will feel very comfortable throughout the body.It will have a great effect. It can eliminate the symptoms of wind, cold, dampness, heat, typhoid fever, headache, and nasal congestion. It can also be added with longan, which has the effect of nourishing blood.

3, from the perspective of treating diseases, brown sugar ginger soup is suitable for chilly, cold or fever babies who have chills or fever after cold or rain. If you want to prevent colds everyday, it is best to give your baby one drink a week.

If your baby has a cold and cough, you can add a few cloves of garlic to the brown sugar and ginger soup to cook it. It has a therapeutic effect on the cough caused by your baby’s cold.

[Can fungus make up blood?

Health experts say so!

】 _Nourishing_Effect

[Can fungus make up blood?
Health experts say so!
】 _Nourishing_Effect

In life, many people have blood deficiency. If they study for a long time, they will have a lot of symptoms of discomfort, like their face will become pale, their spirits will be weak, they will often be dizzy, their memory will be reduced, and women with blood deficiencyThe amount of menstruation will decrease, and even amenorrhea will occur. Therefore, everyone needs to make up blood through diet. Can fungus provide blood?

First, can black fungus eat blood?

Black fungus contains a large amount of carbohydrates, about 10% protein, trace amounts, cellulose, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamins B1, B2 and C and other effective nutrients.

According to laboratory analysis, calcium per gram of black fungus contains 375 mg of calcium, which is equivalent to 7 times that of catfish.

Contains 185 mg of iron, which is equivalent to 70 times the amount of catfish.

The colloid of black fungus has a large volume, it can make the residues in the digestive system of people’s digestion system, impurities, concentrated, discharged from the body, is a good health food for miners, textiles, haircuts and chemical workers.

Black fungus is a precious medicinal material. In the Compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen, a well-known medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, recorded that the fungus is “sexually flat and treats nourishing Qi.”It was found that black fungus also has the functions of clearing the lungs, moisturizing, and taking stasis. It also contains anti-cancer substances and is an anti-cancer drug.

Black fungus can also promote blood circulation and treat coronary heart disease.

According to experts’ determination, every 100 grams of black fungus contains protein.

6 grams, aunt 1.

2 grams, carbonic acid 65.

5 grams of crude fiber 7.

0 grams, calcium 357 mg, phosphorus 201 mg, iron 185 mg.

It also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene, niacin and other vitamins and inorganic salts, phospholipids, plant sterols, etc.

Secondly, how to eat black fungus is good for blood supply. The reason why black fungus can fill blood is that its iron content ranks first in all foods, and it has an excellent effect on iron deficiency anemia caused by iron.

The iron content per 100 grams of black fungus is as high as 185 mg, which is 20 times higher than spinach and about 7 times higher than pork liver.

You know, spinach is the food with the highest iron content in vegetables, and pork liver is the food with the highest iron content in animal ingredients.

Therefore, the iron content of black fungus cannot be enumerated by all ingredients.

The best way to eat black fungus blood is to eat black fungus red date soup. It is the Jianpi Buxue decoction that is highly recommended by Chinese medicine. It has the therapeutic effects of spleen, blood and menstruation.More suitable for women with excessive menstrual flow.

Ingredients: 10 grams of black fungus, 50 grams of red dates, brown sugar amount.

Method: Boil black fungus and red dates until soft and rotten, then season with brown sugar.

How to eat: People with blood deficiency and spleen deficiency can take it once a day or every other day. Women with excessive menstrual flow can take it from one week before the onset of menstruation to the end of menstruation. It is also taken every day or every other day.

Third, the taboos of eating black fungus: each person should not eat more than 15 grams of black fungus per day. Those with bleeding disorders or diarrhea should eat less or not eat black fungus. People with colds and fever and all fevers should eat less black fungus.Pregnant friends should try to eat less black fungus.

[Babao Sticky Rice Duck]_ delicious practice _ how to cook

[Babao Sticky Rice Duck]_ delicious practice _ how to cook

Glutinous rice is a Chinese medicinal material that can replenish Zhongqi and Qi, and is used to cure diseases such as thirst-quenching and thirst, endless sweating, inadequate overwork, abdominal pain, pregnancy and fetal movement, etc. Duck is a poultry. Duck meat is tender and delicious.It is a kind of meat that many people like to eat. Among them, Beijing roast duck, Nanjing salted duck, etc. have great fame. Let’s take a look at another recipe of Babao glutinous rice duck with Xiaobian today.

The main ingredients of Babao glutinous rice duck are about 1500 grams of 0 tender ducks, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 75 grams of lean meat, 75 grams of raw duck kidney, 25 grams of ham, 25 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 10 grams of mushrooms, and pineapple.Half a can, ginger slices, spring onions 10 grams each, net eggs 75 grams, spring onions 2.

5 grams, chicken essence 8 grams, MSG 2 grams, refined salt 3.

5 grams, 125 grams of dry starch, 10 grams of wet starch, 5 grams of sesame oil, and 0 pepper.

5 grams, 25 grams of Shao wine, 6 grams of marinade, 5 grams of soy sauce, 500 grams of peanut oil (actual consumption 100 grams).

Gourmet Practice 1: Cut and sacrifice the ducks after slaughter and depilation, remove all the bones and internal organs, and remove the feet to make boneless whole ducks. Mix the lean meat with 25 grams of dried starch. Raw duck kidneys are cooked with boiling water.; Glutinous rice is soaked with water, simmered twice with boiling water, and washed with water; 2, boiled with peanut oil, add the processed glutinous rice, lean meat, kidney, ham, mushroom, 4 grams of refined saltStir 5 grams of chicken essence, cook into 15 grams of Shaojiu, and mix to make the whole duck. Make the knife solid with a toothpick, roll it over with water, pierce the pinhole on the duck, place in the casserole, and add refined salt 3.

5 grams, chicken essence 2.

5 grams, 10 grams of wine, ginger slices, shallots, boiled water, cover and simmer until cooked; 3, take 5 grams of net egg and wet starch into a paste, apply to the stuffed duck, and then pat dry starch;Wok the wok, cook the peanut oil to about 150 ℃, lower the duck, remove the end of the pot from the fire, fry the duck until it is golden yellow, and remove the remaining oil.

Place on a dish and surround it with pineapple.

In addition, pour the raw soup of stewed duck into the pot, add mushrooms, shallots, soy sauce, pepper, fragrant marinade, add 5 grams of wet starch, add sesame oil and bright oil and mix well.

[Home-made practice of dried shark fin]_ practice _ practice Daquan

[Home-made practice of dried shark fin]_ practice _ practice Daquan

Shark fin is a shark’s fin, a precious culinary ingredient that contains about 80% protein and contains trace amounts of sugar and other minerals.

The shark’s wings have no particular taste.

Transparent and silky when cooked.

The common practice of dried shark fin is how to make it quickly.

Today we share the production method of homemade dried shark fin, which is very simple and convenient.

1. Take a clean, oil-free pan, put shark fins and clear water (water does not pass through the shark fins), soak for 24 hours and remove the drained water.

The water should be changed twice during the immersion process to remove impurities and dirt from the shark fins.

2. Take another clean pot, add shark fin and enough water. After the high heat is boiling, cover with a small heat and cover for 4 hours, turn off the heat and cool.

3. Take out the cooled shark fins, and dip them in clean water to remove the gum and sediment in the shark fins, and rinse them again.

4. Add 2 liters of water to the pot, shark fin, 10g green onion, 10g ginger, cover with low heat and cook for 5 hours, turn off the heat.

5. Remove the shark fins and clean them again to remove all the sundries outside the fin needles and drain the water. At this time, the shark fins have become silky.

6. Lay a drawer cloth or lotus leaf in the steamer, put shark fins on the drawer cloth, and put the steamer in the steamer, steam over medium heat until the fin needles can be broken by nails.

7, take another pot, add shark fin and a sufficient amount of water, boil over high heat and continue to cook for 1 hour, turn off the heat and cover the pot to cool.

Second, the practice of dried shark fin is getting better and better. Many families will eat some better food.

Just like the dried shark fins to be said today, the dried shark fins are now gradually integrating into the families of ordinary people.

The practice of dried shark fins is cumbersome. If they are not handled well, they will be wasted. If you like dried shark fins, but you don’t know how to make them, you can take a look below.

To cook dried shark fins, you must first soak the dried shark fins. This soaking time is also very particular, so everyone must pay attention to the time.

There is also a problem in some details, just like the amount must be grasped during the season.

Ingredients for shark’s fins of Zuyu: 1,000 g of shark’s fin with water and jade knot Ingredients: 1500 g of fat hen, 1000 g of pork elbow, 50 g of Yaozhu, 150 g of cabbage heart Seasoning: 10 g of salt, 5 g of MSG, 50 chicken oilGrams, 150 grams of cooking wine, 50 grams of shallots, 50 grams of ginger, 2 grams of pepper.

[How can I hold back my ejaculation?

】 _How to bear_How to bear

[How can I hold back my ejaculation?
】 _How to bear_How to bear

Men are absolutely caused in sex life. If a man disarms and surrenders prematurely, it means that his wife may not get the satisfaction he deserves and can tolerate again and again. It is always prone to emotional problems.

In this way, it is necessary for male friends to exercise their bodies in life, which will help to improve sexual performance to the extreme and prolong the time of sexual life.

So, how can I hold back from ejaculation?

First, self-exercise part 1, watch A film to masturbate without letting go.

Flush cold water when you want to drain.

Do it every day.

The glans are the most sensitive. When the glans are not sensitive, and even the entire group of sexual organs are not sensitive, they can naturally be pumped for a long time.

This method is very common, don’t deny its effect.

Every comfort will be absolutely bad.

Do n’t tell me that it ‘s not sensitive to life. What ‘s the point in life, is n’t it more accumulated to see women who love you continuously orgasm?

2. Exercise a certain abdominal muscle.

I don’t know the name of this abdominal muscle. Its function is related to holding back ejaculation.

The exercise method is.

Lie flat on your feet?

Fold, straighten and lift, the highest is ten centimeters above the ground, sway up and down, do not lift too high nor can you put it down, taking 70 times as a base.

This is the method shared by the company commander when he was a soldier. He said: General Yang?

Sitting up can hurt other parts of the body, just do this, it will enhance sexual performance.

I did it, right?

Really bring benefits.

3, pad your heels when urinating, grit your teeth, close your eyes and breathe.

This was taught by Professor Huang in the “First-hand Report”.

The benefit is “hold the yang.”

For many years, I will do it every time I go to a lady, it has become a reflection action.

Second, what to eat for health maintenance.

We must target the three aspects of the liver, kidney, and prostate.


Gu Gan: 1. It doesn’t stick to alcohol.

For liver diseases, whether it is hepatitis, adult liver, cirrhosis, or liver cancer, the first thing you must stay away from is “alcohol”, because alcohol mainly depends on the liver?

Metabolism, and when liver cells have been damaged, the ability to metabolize alcohol is extremely low, and drinking can easily cause liver function to deteriorate.

2. Eat less greasy and fried?


Products, moldy foods and foods containing artificial colors and artificial additives.

Greasy, fried, fermented foods?


It is better to eat less such as sausages, bacon, etc .; at the same time, is it better?

Take a small number of meals.3. Eat easily digestible protein foods with less oil and fat, but don’t add too much sugar, but not too much.

Eat more easily digestible protein foods, such as deep-sea fish, protein, tofu, etc. are good choices.

4, eat more detoxification function and choleretic vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cabbage, peas.

Because they are richest in fiber content, can they be excreted?

Toxins; trace amounts, eat less eggs, milk, cheese, wheat and other foods that are prone to allergies; you must also control the intake of high feces and high sugar foods.


Gushen: 1. Shrimp——Shrimp is delicious, with high tonic and medicinal effects.

Its sweet taste, warm nature, has aphrodisiac and kidney, nourishing essence, the effect of milk.

Anyone who has a chronic illness, weakness, shortness of breath, and does not think about eating or drinking?

It acts as a tonic.

People often eat shrimp, which has the effect of strengthening.

2. What?


Also called?

Clams, oysters.

Rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, sugars and other vitamins.

Slightly cold, with nourishing yin and potential sun, nourishing kidney and astringent essence.

Men eat MU often?

Can improve sexual function and sperm quality.

It has better effect on male nocturnal emission, fatigue and fatigue, kidney deficiency impotence and so on.

3. Snake meat-when two snakes meet, it will last for a long time (vipers can reach 6?
24 hours), snake meat can effectively extend the time of sexual life.

[What to do if penis is too long]_How to deal with penis

[What to do if penis is too long]_How to deal with penis

Most men are worried that the penis is too short, but a penis that is too long may not be a good thing. In fact, there are some adverse effects in sexual life, because it is easy to cause a vaginal laceration during sex.long.

1. People with too large penis should pay attention when they are newly married, and their sexual intercourse must not be rough, so as not to tear the hymen.

In addition, the penis should not be inserted too deep into the vagina, because the length of the vagina is about 12cm, if the action is rough, it will also cause a vaginal laceration.

However, those with an oversized penis can’t rest easy.

Because some penis is too large is a sign of some disease.

For example, tumors in the lower thalamus or pituitary gland, or brain injury, viral encephalitis, etc., cause excessive secretion of gonadotropins; for example, they cause mutations in pills to cause excessive release of hormones. These factors cause the penis to grow during development.excessive.

Therefore, those with an excessively large penis should be alert to the aforementioned diseases.

2. Because of persistently emptying the inventory regularly: 1. It can prevent the toxin produced by the prostate due to too much fluid accumulation for too long; 2. It can promote the continuous production of new sperm by the insulin pill, thereby making the insulin pill vital; 3. Reduce the long-term abstinenceThe resulting sexual anxiety creates a pleasant mood and reduces the possibility of crime.

However, it must not be too excessive, the object must be reversed, I believe everyone must understand.

In addition, masturbation should pay attention to the method not to be too stimulating, and the intensity should be suitable not to be too large or too violent.

Don’t take too long, it’s best not to exceed 15 minutes within 10 minutes.

Anyway, you ca n’t deliberately seek to solve it as soon as possible or deliberately suppress clumsiness, because because of deliberate pursuit is too early or too late, after a long time, it will form inertia, and the ejaculation threshold will also change, so that it becomes habitual premature diarrheaOr sexual life without pleasure can not ejaculate.

3, remember to pay attention to the frequency of masturbation can not be replaced, although now young, I do not feel any discomfort, but the harm caused by more does exist, wait for a few years and wait for formal use will beThere are many problems, so we must control the reduction to within the normal range.

Men should learn to accept reality.

If the size problem is always the lingering pain in their hearts, then they can use various techniques to improve the effect of sex.

Sexual intercourse itself is so simple that it can’t be simpler. Unfortunately, sometimes the results are not satisfactory.

If you want to eliminate worry and share the best feelings with your partner, you must learn to make the most of your conditions.

In fact, penis of different sizes and shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages. As long as you master the correct method, you can bring the joy of ecstasy to your beloved woman.

[How to eat egg yolk for baseball month baby]_Children_What to do

[How to eat egg yolk for baseball month baby]_Children_What to do

Many of them are very concerned about their children in their lives. What they eat is the best and healthiest, but they are also worried that something they are eating is not good for the body. The most common are babies for most months. Egg yolk should goHow to eat food like this, it is best to pay attention to eating less, try to ensure not to eat too much, so as not to cause a lot of discomfort, and some children avoid egg yolk allergies, whether to eat depends on the baby’sconstitution.

Yolk puree is suitable for babies who add supplementary food for the first time. Making method: crush a quarter of the cooked egg yolk with a spoon, add water or milk, and replace the egg yolk juice with a little thicker than milk.

Production method: knock on the egg, filter the protein first, then take the egg yolk, add a little cold water, and steam for a few minutes.

Egg yolk porridge When your baby is about 6 months old and has initially adapted to complementary food, you can make egg yolk porridge for your baby.

Production method: 2 tsp rice, 120 ml water, 1/4 egg yolk.

Wash the rice and add an appropriate amount of blister 1?
2 hours, then cook on low heat for 40?
After 50 minutes, place the egg yolk in the container and grind it. Add it to the porridge pot and cook for about 10 minutes.

Production method: add a small amount of water to the milk pan.

Add as many milliliters of water as your baby eats at once.

Beat the eggs into a bowl, and then remove the yolks with a spoon. Because of the stickiness of the egg whites, the egg whites hanging on the yolks cannot be completely removed at this time.

Add the removed egg yolk to the milk pan filled with water, and cut through the film on the outside of the egg yolk. Don’t underestimate the transparent film, because of this film, the baby can’t digest it.

After slicing the yolk, the yolk liquid flows out, and then scoops the yolk membrane in the water and removes it with a spoon.

If there is remaining egg white in the water, it will clearly show a transparent mass or strip, and it is easy to remove.

Then you can cook the egg yolks on the fire, stir while cooking, and wait for the water to boil. At this time, Huang Chancan’s egg yolk water is in the milk pan.

Fill the boiled egg yolk water into the milk bottle, mix it with milk powder, and then feed the baby. Of course, you can also feed it alone.

When the baby grows up to July, he can no longer use this method to pick out the yolk membrane. At that time, the baby’s gastrointestinal and digestive functions are enhanced, and the baby can basically digest the eggs.

[Do not enter underage!

Men and women’s private affairs]

[Do not enter underage!
Men and women’s private affairs]

Sexual intercourse, a sport that both men and women love, both delights each other’s tensions and helps communicate emotions.

If men and women can reach orgasm, it is a perfect one-time love.

Maybe you know so much about sex?

I hope you can learn a little more so that you can better master better skills in practice to culminate each other.


Men’s desire for ooxx is stronger than women?


Why do we always think that boys are animals thinking in the lower body, but this is not the case.

Theoretically, because women do too much housework and exhaust their energy at home, they do not want to do anything during the rest.

At this time men demanded this and that ‘into the sky’.

It will be the result that men always look for love.


If you are a popular lover, do you know how to please everyone?


This headline is plain, if you are a recent person with sex experience and rich experience, then your seductive skills will be much richer than a virgin or male.

We can only say that this must be the case in theory.